Make Up, Tips and tricks

Colour correcting

Colour correcting and using the colour wheel has been around for a long time especially used by make up artists for films, photo shoots and red carpets. Its being hyped right now seeing that perfection and covering up flaws is the craze.

I have dark circles and found that concealer does not do the trick when it comes to long lasting staying power. Throughout the day or towards the end of day my dark circles peek through or my under eye area starts looking grey. I found that by colour correcting i.e. applying a salmon colour corrector before applying concealer ensures that my dark circles are concealed throughout the day/ a long period of time. I also experienced some redness around my nose and before applying foundation, i apply a small amount of green colour corrector.

Colour corrector’s have different formulations depending on what brand you purchasing from. Cream or liquid is the more popular formula’s sold. Some great high end colour corrector’s are from Bobby Brown, Urban decay or Mac cosmetics. Some affordable but also great quality colour corrector’s are from Nyx, L.A Girl and Avon.

Refer to the colour wheel below to see which colours cancels out or conceals and hides the darkness or redness.


Image taken from google 

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