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Hannon lipstick plus Hannon moisture seal

Two of my favourite products I absolutely love from the brand #hannon are his lipsticks and make up setting spray. The lipsticks are moisturizing, long lasting and highly pigmented. There is a wide variety of colours and what I love is the longevity of the lipstick. My favourite shade is Rosebud. RSP R150
 Hannon Moisture Seal is truly a keeper. Contains 125ml of magic mixed with unicorn tears in my opinion. Ensures that my make up is set, stays put and lasts all day. It’s designed to retain moisture and ensures that the skin remains supple. After make up application, spritz the moisture seal approximately 30cm away from the face, covering the entire face. The company claims that one of the key ingredients is light reflectors which makes the product appear blue in colour. These light reflectors settle into the lines and wrinkles of the skin, reflecting light giving you an instant more youthful looking skin. RSP R130.

Hannon products can be purchased on his website or at Hands Down in Kenilworth, Cape Town. #proudlysouthafrican

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