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Eyebrows on fleek!

“When I was young I never thought eyebrows were such a big deal.” Ironic right? Yet so true! Here’s what I consider some great tips as to achieving great looking brows:
•Do not over tweeze. We’ve all been there… Try not to get tweezer happy. Tweeze only the hairs that doesn’t belong, and form a natural brow shape. Tweezerman has the best range of tweezers available to purchase.

•If you unsure as to what your natural brow shape is, want to achieve a structured brow. Not confident with tweezing or shaping. I suggest visiting your local spa or salon and leave in the hands of a professional. Trust me, it takes a while to grow your brows back if you have messed it up yourself. And that growth period makes you want to attack your eyebrows even more.

•Do use brow products like brow powders, brow pencils, brow pomades or brow gel to achieve flawless brows. Find which ever one works for you as we all have different products we drawn to.

•Do not under any circumstance use BLACK eyeliner, black eyeshadow, black liquid liner to fill in your eyebrows. No matter what skin tone you are, what color hair you have, using black on your eyebrows is the most unflattering, unnatural method of filling in your eyebrows. I have black hair, olive/ medium skin tone and I use dark brown/ brunette colored eyebrow products.

•There are different eye shapes and face shapes to distinguish your eyebrow shape. Try not to shape your eyebrows too thin (so 80’s). Full, thicker brows are so much more applicable.
The products I use to shape and fill in my brows are all from Essence Cosmetics. I start by outlining the shape I want to achieve with Essence Eyebrow pencil. Then taking my Essence eyebrow powder set, I use that to fill in sparse areas and it adds a hint of color to achieve fuller looking brows. I do not go with a ‘heavy hand’ when applying products to my brows as this will make the appearance of harsh, angry looking brows. Apply product with a light hand, and feather strokes. I then brush through my brows with a disposable mascara wand to ensure evenness.



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