Versace Yellow Diamond

As I am a perfume collector, I’m at it again with another recent perfume I’ve been adoring. This Versace perfume smells floral but fresh which are the scents I gravitate towards. Even though it’s described as a day time perfume, it’s perfect for evenings too and in my opinion appropriate. It’s well suited for a bride on her wedding day as a friend of mine wore it on her wedding day, and I wore it when I was a bridesmaid, so it has sentimental value to it 😊 The scent lingered all day even though it’s labeled ‘Eau de toilette.’ Side note, perfumes that have the label ‘Eau de toilette’ usually means the scent does not last all day but gives off bursts of freshness. Whereas perfumes that are labeled ‘Eau de parfum’ lasts throughout the day, and some still lingers after a shower.
The notes include citrus, floral, sweet, fresh, aquatic and powdery. Just my kind of fragrance! I urge you to have a whiff next time you at your local department store.

Tip: apply a tiny amount of Vaseline/ petroleum jelly on the area you desire to spritz to ensure your perfume lasts all day or all night long.

Refer to “10 beauty hacks” post for further tips.

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