Hair care

My current Hair care routine/ products

I’m no expert when it comes to hair, but these are my current products I’m using and what works (I do also switch up my products/ brands quiet often too):

1. Shampoo. I’ve been loving the Tony&Guy shampoo for dry hair. I have fine, dry hair which this shampoo cleanses but also locks in moisture. Because I have a dry, flaky scalp, from time to time I use the Head and Shoulders shampoo. I would also recommend the Redken Scalp Relief Dandriff Control shampoo. Or if you in SA or can get your hands on Hannon Scalp Therapy treatment which is also awesome.

2. Conditioner. The only conditioner I’m using at the moment and loving is the Tony&Guy Nourish conditioner for dry hair. I’m usually very picky when it comes to conditioners as I need it to be very moisturizing, thick and ensures super softness.

3. Hair masks. I’ve tried soooooo many hair masks it’s actually bizarre. The one I’m currently using is also from Tony&Guy called the Nourish Reconstruction Mask. Ps. I tend to try as much products in one brand when testing hair products, as the products and results work better that way.

4. Heat protectant. A must for me is using a good heat protectant spray. I’m on my third bottle of the TREsamme Heat Defense Spray. It’s UV filtered, and the best part is that it protects up to 230 degrees Celsius. It also seals in shine and soothes frizz.

5. Serum. I’m almost finished using the Avon Advanced Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum. The main thing I love is that my hair is so shiny after using this but does not look greasy or get greasy after a day or two. I will be on the hunt for a new serum once i’m complete with this one.

6. Hair spray. Another product I’ve used in varies brands is hair spray, but the one I’ve stuck to is the TREsamme Salon Finish Hairspray. It does not leave my hair feeling “crunchy,” hard, dull, sticky or flat. It holds my style throughout the day or night, ensures that hair is manageable, I can run my fingers through, and my hair has tons of volume. Best part, it actually smells great unlike a lot of hair sprays that makes you cough or choke.

7. Vigro System. Because my hair grows very slow due to having a dry, flaky scalp (don’t judge haha) I’ve been using Vigro products for almost 2 years now and I’ve seen results! Formulated to stimulate healthy hair growth. I currently have the full system which contains the Bio shampoo (I only have one more use though); the Bio Tonic (leave-in product); and Vigro hair supplement. You do get more products in this line, but I usually purchase all 3 of these in a box which is cheaper than purchasing individually. Like I mentioned, I’ve been using Vigro for almost 2 years, it’s worked for me, I’ve seen results and does not interfere with my body and it’s functioning. I would never recommend Vigro supplements to someone that is on medication or has a chronic illness. Rather see your doctor before taking supplements that will be digested on a daily basis

Other brands and products I’ve loved in the past is Joico Moisture Recovery shampoo and conditioner. Macadamia Deep repair Masque, and hair oil. L’oreal Nutri- gloss shampoo and conditioner (smells divine!).
Products I’m dying to try is the Pureology Hydrate or Precious oil shampoo and conditioner. And the Pureology oil softening hair masque.





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