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May the wings of your liner always be even…

I will be discussing winged liner, tips and tricks how to achieve it and products I use and recommend. But first you have to distinguish which eye shape you have to determine which winged liner look would suit you. Here are some suggestions to choose from:

So for example someone with monolid or hooded eyes cannot do a thick/ bold winged liner as the liner would smear and run in their crease. Thankfully I have almond shaped eyes meaning a lot of winged liner looks I can wear. Although I have small eyes, when wearing winged liner and extending my “wing,” my eyes appear larger (hence why I love wearing winged liner). I don’t typically do winged liner every single time I’m wearing make up as I do like to switch it up. Sometimes I don’t wear liner at all, sometimes I do a small wing, sometimes I do a dramatic wing (when I’m feeling fierce😉), and sometimes I do liner but no wing.

I would suggest stabilizing your elbow and apply a piece of sticky tape to the outer corners of your eyes. My number one advice is practice, practice, practice! Nothing is ever achieved without practice. I still mess up my liner from time to time and I’ve been doing it for years.


As a beginner I would recommend practicing and starting out with markers or felt tip styled liners. So many brands have so many different types to choose from but 2 I would recommend is the Essence cosmetics liquid ink eyeliner or the Maybeline line stiletto. Both are felt tip liners, but 2 great ‘marker’ eyeliners are Tom Ford liquid liner (pricy I know) or the Essence cosmetics 2 in 1 eyeliner.


If you use to doing winged liner or a make up artist, gel liner is quiet popular. Personally I love and prefer gel liner. A few of my all time favorite gel liners include Mac cosmetics black track gel liner, cult favorite Inglot number 77 gel liner (the blackest gel liner I’ve ever tried!) and Maybeline studio blackest black gel liner. The best eyeliner brush to apply gel liner is from Avon called the eyeliner brush.


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