What’s in my bag…

I find it funny how nosy we all are to find out what’s inside someone’s bag 🙈😂, but yet enjoyable to watch or view the above mentioned. As much of a ‘lady’ I TRY to be, oddly I don’t carry the typical ‘woman essentials’ in my bag. And it’s not off limits to my boyfriend haha. A few items I don’t keep in my bag as it is housed at work are tissues, a tub of hand and body cream, nail file ect. So here are the goods😊: 
Bag and wallet- Polo. A gift from my handsome and incredibly sweet boyfriend (brownie points😉).

 Sunglasses- Takalot.com

Cellphone- iPhone 6

Lipbalm- EOS

Topcoat and current nail color- essence. P.s I do my nails quiet often so I will always carry which ever nail color I have on my nails just incase it chips or gets damaged so I can touch up on the go.

‘Medication bag’- bag itself was a gift, medication inside I won’t go into detail but it’s the usual headache pills, ‘monthly essentials,’ sinus tablets ect.

Random items like hair clips, ID, comb, keys, pen, gum.

Essence bag- used to store iPhone charger, portable charger, earphones, memory stick.

Most of all, being a makeup junkie you’d think I have tons of make up in my bag… Strangely I don’t. I don’t even have a small, compact make up bag like just about every woman has. I store my makeup in random zips and sleeves inside my bag haha. So all I carry is eyelash glue (incase one of my lashes pop off), lash applicators, brow pencil (incase I need to fill in any sparse areas throughout the day), Mac cosmetics lip liner in Oak, and my choice of lipsticks or lip gloss I’m wearing that day. Today I’m wearing Mac cosmetics “modesty” which is one of my favorite nude shades.

Sometimes if I’m going out I will include my camera and a particular perfume I’m wearing that day. But other than that, those are all the items I carry on a day to day basis when I’m going to work or running errands.

Thanks for stopping by😊

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