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Current Disappointing Products 

Hey beauties! Let me get the disclaimer out the way first:

Just cause these products didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t for you especially if it’s a holy grail product for you. I’m also not bashing any brands as all these brands I love, it was just one specific product that didn’t work out. Some products we were on a break and then got back together, and then some products after a couple of uses we had to break up with immediate effect 😟😟

– Rimmel Provocalips liquid lipstick. I had mine in the shade Kiss Fatal. I used it a couple of times, took a break and then revisited it again but ended up disliking it so much. No matter how much I moisturized or how dry my lips were it ended up looking so crusty, bits of it would come off and specs of it would land up on my chin. Like huh? The colors are awesome, but for a liquid lipstick to perform that bad is a no go.

– Maybeline clear smooth all in one Powder. Cute packaging. But seeing that I have dry skin, this made my face look so matte, dull and flat. I used it to set my under eye concealer and my face. Straight up hell nah after only 2 uses. If you have oily skin this might work for you, but we had to break up and move swiftly along.

– Maybeline Babylips. Sorry, I know another Maybeline item. I’ve heard so many people love this lip balm and I went with the craze and bought 4 of these babies 😐 what a shameful waste. It did nothing for my lips, was not moisturizing at all and found my lips to be more chapped after wearing this. Got rid of all 4 unfortunately.

– TREsamme shampoo’s and conditioner’s. I know TREsamme is one of the good brands in hair care, but any of their shampoo’s or conditioner’s isn’t the business for my hair. It leaves my hair so dry, frizzy and not soft at all. My hair feels unmanageable and hate the feeling of it.

– Nivea eye make up remover. Not sure why it’s called that cause it removing any of my eye makeup. That simple.

– Mac Cosmetics Wooden Lipliners. I know everyone loves these Lipliners but thank goodness I only purchased one. I will continue to use the one I purchased till its done, but definitely won’t be repurchasing any other shade. It tugs, does not feel smooth, and very drying. Mac is one of my favorite brands but to be honest rather get NYX or Essence Lipliners as its cheaper and much better quality, or go for the Prolong wear Lipliners if you want to stick to Mac.

– Essie nail polishes. I feel like if I should sneeze this varnish chips. My breaking point was after one hour of application it chipped (with a good fast drying top coat) I’ve worn Essie polishes numerous times and each time was a let down. Sorry not sorry. Their colors are so stunning and cute but the longevity sucks.

Any of these products not work for you? Or any products you could suggest that we can save our money on and give it a skip?

Thanks for stopping by😊

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