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Current Beauty Favorites 

Hey beauties! I got the ‘bad news’ out the way a couple of posts ago talking about my current disappointing products. Now I bring you the good news and products I’ve been luuuurving lately. Products listed in no particular order.
First up is the Revlon Parfumerie nail enamel. Sounds fancy right? I have a couple of these but this one called Bordeaux in particular smells quiet nice. It applies smoothly and only two coats is needed. The quick dry formula makes it easy if you in a rush. I love the cute packaging and these enamels usually lasts a couple of days on my nails 😊

Next is The Body Shop body butter in Satsuma.

I have done a review on these body butters before so won’t go into too much detail. But just know that these are one of my favorite moisturizers. It’s creamy, literally feels like butter, non sticky or greasy feeling, and the smell, omg the smell is sooooooo good!

Mac fix+
If you haven’t heard about this miracle/ hydration in a bottle where have you been? It’s one of my MUST haves for the past couple of years. I genuinely panic when I run out of this stuff. It’s a lightweight mist that gently soothes and refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. It won’t however prolong the longevity of your makeup but what I like is that it sets the makeup. Meaning if you’ve applied too much powders or if it seems like your makeup is just sitting on your skin, by spritzing this, it allows the products to mesh together and melt into your skin for a natural appearance and non ‘cake face.’ It does a great job of hydrating the skin whether you wearing makeup or not. Also, it’s a multi use product and because it contains Glycerin it will act as ‘glue’ and ‘adhere’ any glitter or pigments onto your eyelids. I also love using it to bring out the pigment and shade in eyeshadows to amp it up as well.

Deep cleansing nose strips:

I’ve been so much into this lately. Well honestly, it’s cause I’m too lazy to sit and do extractions on myself or getting it done by someone else (wouldn’t recommend you doing it on yourself too, go to a professional), so I’ve been using nose strips instead. It works much better for me and love seeing the little forest once I’ve peeled off the strip from my skin (eeeeeek I know gross). Biore strips are quiet popular so grab a pack for yourself and your boyfriend/fiancé/ husband. It’s fun in my weird opinion.

Dermalogica clear start emergency spot fix
For those fellows that love to pop up whenever it’s that time of the month, I’ve been shooting em’ with some emergency spot fix. R.I.P to those breakouts after attacking them with this cool product. Goodbye.

Alila eyeshadows
Unfortunately Alila is a professional South African makeup brand, so I’m not sure if they ship internationally. But I’m positive there are so many dupes Makeup Geek, Mac Cosmetics or Anastasia Beverly Hills will carry. The 2 shades from Alila that I’ve been loving is called Antique Bronze (a gorgeous slight shimmer brown bronze shade which I apply in the crease), and Metal Bronze which is a rosy, mauve shade perfect for almost any makeup look to add some beautiful color. I love that Alila is hypo-allergenic, contains no harmful substances, and no animal testing. Adore brands with those policies.

Eyelure lashes 118
I know everyone adores Ardell lashes. Not sure why my local pharmacies/ drugstores don’t carry the full range as much as they do for Eyelure. But I ain’t that mad about that cause I simply adore Eyelure lashes and are my all time favorite brand of lashes. The band is thin which makes it easy for beginners to apply, the lashes can be used multiple times, great style choices and it’s so affordable. I know I’ve raved about the 117’s which is still my favorite style, but the runner up has been 118’s.

Versace Yellow Diamond Perfume
I did a blog dedicated to this wonderfully smelling perfume so again won’t go into too much detail. But the scents I look for (or smell rather) in a perfume is fresh and floral. I do not like sweet, musky, heavy scents. Just to give you an idea of the scents I go for.

What are some of your favorites/ recommendations?

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13 thoughts on “Current Beauty Favorites ”

  1. Just added a bunch of skincare moisture infused items on my page! Can’t wait to test out the revlon polish! It’ll be interesting to see how the scent overpowers the nail polish smell itself! <3ing your blog! Following 🙂

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  2. I have a couple of those Revlon Parfumerie polishes too – I am a sucker for scented polishes haha!
    You live in South Africa too? I just learned another blogger is from there (I thought she was British:
    Those Alila eyeshadows look lovely and pigmented!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great post and photos! Would love for you to check out my blog and let me know what you think in the comments section. Keep in touch!

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