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Hidden gem for beauty blender dupe 

Hey beauties! If you wanting to save some cash on an amazing Beauty Blender dupe, or if you couldn’t get your hands on the expensive Original Beauty Blender, I might have the solution! Cala professional beauty more commonly known for their makeup tools like brushes, sponges and nail kits, and is based in L.A. I love their makeup brushes and have never tried their sponges before. When I purchased this sponge after having to sadly say goodbye to my Real Techniques sponge, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I didn’t think much of it after randomly purchasing it in a hurry quiet frankly. But after getting it wet/ damp at the sink right before using it one morning, I was so surprised at how soft, squishy and flexible it felt. That’s when I got excited. I then applied my foundation, blended it out and oh my gosh, it blended the foundation into my skin so fast, so evenly, and my skin looked amazing. After using it twice, I then went back to the store and purchased a back up. I also noticed that it was quick and easy to clean. After using it for a week now, I’m completely in love with this sponge. In my opinion It’s a great dupe for the beauty blender and like I said so affordable for the quality of this sponge.

Also remember having the correct tools for makeup application makes a huge difference in the results no matter if it’s high end or drugstore/ affordable makeup that is applied.
I purchased mine at my local pharmacy/ drugstore for R69,95. So I’m sure your local drugstore should stock Cala products or their website Cala professional beauty

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7 thoughts on “Hidden gem for beauty blender dupe ”

    1. You need to wet it under some running water and squeeze about 10 times, then drain the excess water out and taking a paper towel squeeze it again. Dot the foundation onto your skin and pounce the foundation with the sponge on your skin, don’t sweep like you would with a brush. I hope that helps!

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