My top 10 Beauty Youtubers


Hey beauties! So while browsing and watching some youtube videos i thought i’d share 10 of my fav and then a special shoutout to the dudes in this industry too. I’m subscribed to a lot more but thought i’d mention just a few i love:

Nicole Guerriero

Carli Bybel

Jaclyn Hill

Kathleen Lights

Amanda Ensing

Tati aka Glamlifeguru


Makeup by Camila2

Laura Lee


And shout out to:


Jeffree Star (his makeup line is slaying!!)


I’ve followed some of them since the early stages of their Youtube life and have seen them grow and become successful. Their inspiration, passion, goals and achievements has been so motivating no matter how much hate they receive. Whenever i’m feeling down, unmotivated or uninspired, i literally turn on my PC or phone and watch a couple of their videos and my spirits are lifted. And now for a lot of these youtubers they branching out and creating their own line of cosmetics or working with different brands (what a dream come true). I too feel very much encouraged and motivated to pursue my passion in the beauty world.

Who are some of your fav Youtubers?

Thanks for stopping by:)


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