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What is up with all this craze about sheet masks?! 

Hey beauties! Been wondering this lately like I have? Well I hope this post will answer some of your questions regarding this popular Korean sheet masks. 
So what is a sheet mask? What does it consist of?

Literally a sheet mask is soaked in highly concentrated serums/ ingredients/ essence to penetrate the skin.

How do I apply it?

Once removed from its packaging, unfold the sheet mask and place it on your cleansed bare skin.

How often can I use it?
It’s recommended to use it mainly as a “pick me up,” pampering session or before or while traveling. But other than that once a week is also fine especially if you have dehydrated skin, lack moisture and have some pigmentation. But remember a sheet mask does not replace your daily or weekly regime. Still apply your serums, moisturizers, other masks ect.


After removing, no rinsing/ water is required and you can leave the remaining serum on your face.

It’s portable and commonly used while traveling example on an aeroplane.

Quick and easy DIY way to boost, add moisture, hydrate, anti aging or brightening in only 10 to 15mins.

It’s infused with serums to penetrate the skin efficiently.

A great ‘pick me up’ mask.

Travel friendly.

Not recommended for acne-prone skin as it can clog your pores. The main purpose of sheet masks is to brighten, hydrate and has anti aging properties.

Because of the standard size, not all mask shapes fits all faces.

Should not replace your usual weekly/ daily routine i.e. Exfoliation, masks, serums, moisturizer ect.

Cannot be left on the face for more than 20mins else the sheet mask will dry out and do the opposite of it’s purpose.
I bought my very first sheet mask and tried this experience last week. The texture of the mask felt very slippery, slimy and cold. I applied it after cleansing and oh my goodness did I look so scary! 🙈👻 I kept it on for 10mins but during that time I felt like I couldn’t sneeze, smile or laugh because it felt as if it was sliding and moving. Once I removed it I disposed it and tapped and blended the excess serum into my face. After a couple of minutes I then followed with my moisturizer.

My skin appeared to be brighter, tighter and youthful. Not a drastic, life changing difference, but I defiantly saw some brightness. I would repurchase another sheet mask in the future but I’m not desperately running out the door to go purchase it now. To wrap it up, I give it a thumbs up and was not a complete fail (thankfully).

Sheet masks are made by varies brands like Dr jart+SephoraFreemanCettua ect.

What are some of your favorite sheet masks? Have you tried it, and what do you think?

(Image of lady Gaga found on Google)

Thanks for stopping by 😊

5 thoughts on “What is up with all this craze about sheet masks?! ”

  1. I love sheet masks! It’ll be the start of a new addiction. 😛
    Your photo with the sunglasses over the sheet mask is hilarious!
    I like the FaceShop ones a lot – not expensive and there’s a huge variety to choose from!

    Liked by 1 person

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