What’s not lacking about this lacquer

Hey beauties! Before I get into the post about my current fav nail lacquer, I’ve been doing some research on nail varnishes, polishes, lacquers whichever you choose to call it. Recently I’ve been very aware of ingredients in almost everything I’m exposing and digesting my body to like food, makeup, skincare, haircare, nail polishes to name a few. Today I will be sharing why Morgan Taylor is on top of my list when it comes to nail polishes. What captured and sold me about this brand is that it is free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP. Synonyms to also look out for is Formulin, Methanol, Methanediol or Formaldehyde monohydrate. Those words takes me back to my college cosmetology years haha. But for those of you that are not aware, those ingredients found in cosmetics is a health hazard, danger to human health and toxic!

It warmed my heart that Morgan Taylor’s nail lacquers does not contain those ingredients. I have tried their nail lacquers a couple of years ago, forgot about it, tried other brands and moved on. Recently I tried this color called “I’m charmed” and featured it in my “Glam makeup” post. I’m now back to onto the Morgan Taylor train and not stopping this ride anytime soon. I defiantly want to pick up some fun shades, nudes and warm shades too. I am so happy retail stores stocks this and it’s also used at many spa’s and salons.

Longevity- I’ve had mine on for a full 3 days so far and have not been careful with my hands, and so far it’s held up. I remember it being good in the past but wearing this color a couple of times has been great. I’m once again impressed. I don’t tend to wear the same color a lot as I like to switch it up, but for these past 2 months I’ve worn this color numerous times. It doesn’t chip off badly and wears for days unlike a lot of other nail polishes I’ve tried.

Overall I’m loving this brand and would defiantly recommend it. I also urge you to have a look at ingredients next time you unsure of a product or food. It’s super important to be aware of what we exposing our bodies to.

Take care darlings (literally).
Places to purchase Morgan Taylor is Diskem or for more info click here
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