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My Top 10 Mac Cosmetics Lipsticks 

Hey beauties! As you know, or if you new to my blog, Mac Cosmetics lipsticks are one of my favorite lipsticks of all time. Not all the finishes though, but most. Excuse the close up of my lips which felt on fire by the end of the swatches 💋

P.s. I promise the colors are all different although some may look the exact same (so says every makeup junkie haha).

Here are my top 10 including the finishes:

Angel. Frost (don’t like frost finishes but this one is the only one I love):

Velvet teddy. Matte (love matte’s):

Up the amp. Amplified:

Modesty. Creamsheen:

Viva glam III. Matte:

Viva glam II. Satin:

Captive. Satin:

Rebel. Satin:

Whirl. Matte:

Fastplay. Amplified:

What are some of your fav Mac lipsticks you could recommend?

Thanks for stopping by😊


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