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Mini Lush, Woolworths and Mac haul + Mac Pro Card! 

Hey beauties! I trust that all is well 😉 so today I got some goodies from my fav stores 😊 initially I had to go finally pick up my Mac Pro card after being a beauty therapist for a while now, I only applied now haha. If you not familiar, Mac has a programme whereby beauty therapists, makeup artists ect. receive discount when purchasing from Mac cosmetics. I suggest contacting your nearest Mac cosmetics store to find out how, the procedure to do and who qualifies. Trust me the discount makes a difference. At the same time it’s dangerous cause I would add more items now to my total 🙈😀

From Mac Cosmetics I purchased:

-Face and Body foundation. I’m in the shade C6.

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now and finally got it. Will do a review on this defiantly.

-Creamsheen Glass in the shade Deelight. Such a gorgeous shade and right up my alley👍

-35 lashes. Been raved about by so many Youtubers so thought I’d give it a go.

From Lush Cosmetics I purchased:

-Frozen bath bomb (my favorite).

-Fizzbanger bath bomb.

-Angels on bare skin face and body cleanser. Recommended by Mannymua. Ensures even skin tone and brightness. Yes please.

From Woolworths I purchased:

-Oats moisturizing body lotion.

-Lipbalm. The ingredients caught my eye as it seemed very moisturising.

Thanks for stopping by😊




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