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Mac Cosmetics Face And Body Foundation Review 

Hey beauties! So since I’ve posted my haul recently, I promised I would do a review on the Mac Face And Body Foundation. 
I wore this foundation a couple of times and although I have to admit, Mac foundations are not my first choice when it comes to picking foundations. Previously 2 foundations from Mac have caused breakouts, and since then I’ve never tried any of their foundations since about 2 years ago. For some reason I’ve been eye balling this particular one since I’ve seen a lot of bloggers and Youtubers talk about it. So I decided to give it a go.

When you dispense the product it’s very runny and the consistency is very thin. By far the runniest foundation I have tried. It’s recommended to apply it with your finger tips, spread the foundation further on the skin still using your finger tips and then blend it out using a brush. Personally I don’t like using my finger tips (although it is one of the best tools) to apply foundation, and I very seldom use a brush. However I have tried using the brush and sponge. I prefer the sponge but that’s cause I’m use to using a sponge. It provides a light to medium coverage. On my body it provided an even skin tone. But because this foundation is so thin, it won’t cover up any tattoos or recent marks, it purely evens out the skin tone.

Skin type:

Normal to dry skin. As seen in the pictures (taken on different days) it provides a very dewy, healthy appearance but I love the glow and finish it provides as I have dry skin. I don’t think this foundation would be suited for oily skin or someone looking for full coverage foundation.

Provides coverage for about 6 hours on myself. But I don’t think I would wear this every day, just cause of the fear I have from previously wearing Mac foundations everyday and then experiencing breakouts. So to be safe, I will wear this foundation about 2 times a week.
Size and packaging:

Absolutely love the packaging. It’s a plastic squeeze bottle which makes it perfect to travel with and won’t break easily like a glass container would once it’s dropped. I also do love the fact that it’s a squeeze bottle which I can manage the amount of foundation I desire to dispense.
Regret or not?:

I don’t regret purchasing this foundation. I will still continue to use it and enjoy this foundation. It does me the desired appearance I look for in a foundation. No patchy areas, no cake face, the coverage is perfect and I love the glow and healthy shine. But like I mentioned, I will be safe and only use it 2 times per week.
Have you tried this foundation before? What are some of your fav Mac foundations?
Also I wanted to add that these lashes from Mac were also surprisingly stunning!! Mac 35. It’s super long and wispy, but I fell in love😍

Thanks for stopping by😊


7 thoughts on “Mac Cosmetics Face And Body Foundation Review ”

  1. This looks lovely on you!
    I have this foundation and I love it for a natural makeup look. I know you said you don’t like using your fingers but this formula absolutely needs it. It was formulated so that the more your rub it against the skin, the more it thickens and sets. Just try it, I promise you’ll get a really lovely long wearing finish! A brush or a sponge will not work the best with this formula.
    I did a review on this foundation and compared it against the MUFE Face & Body if you’re curious:

    As for my favourite MAC foundation, besides the Face & Body, I also really like the Matchmaster foundation. Also, if you’re concerned about MAC foundations breaking you out, you should ask for samples to try first. See my post where I got 3 MAC foundations to try out:

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    1. Thank you so much for the in depth recommendation doll! Just what I needed. Okay I will try with my fingers as its recommend. Will check out your posts too. Once again thank you babe 😘


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