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My current obsessions 

Hey beauties! I don’t do the traditional monthly favorites, but every couples of months or so I do posts on my current obsessions. Herewith I present you the list:
I’ve been slowly but surely purchasing a lot from Sheet Street. Their household items and decor are eye catching yet so affordable. I’ve been literally obsessed with this fake flowers I recently purchased. The vase i did not purchase there, but the flowers and white stones I did. The flowers are sold separately in different colors but I stuck with silver and my daughter choose the 2 purple for a pop of color, and the white stones I purchased 2 packs of it to fill the vase. One of my favorite decor pieces in my room.

Secondly, Paris is one of my dream destinations. So any time i see a picture, cup, mug, candle ect with Paris on it I snatch it, especially if it’s this cute like the coasters. Also from Sheet Street and comes in a pack of 4.

Thirdly and lastly for some random none beauty items is Orbit chewing gum. I’m so picky when it comes to something so simple as chewing gum… I use to love Beachies (shoutout if you remember Beachies) but not many places still retail’s it so instead of hunting it down I’ve moved on to Orbit. It’s sugar free, chewy for a long time and the flavor lasts 😊

Moving onto beauty items. Ecotools brushes have been one of my favorite affordable makeup brushes for a long time. I purchased this travel set of eye brushes, hence why the handle is short. But this brush in particular blends my eyeshadow so seamlessly and effortlessly. I love the concept of Ecotools as a brand and that’s what drew me into purchasing their makeup tools. All their brushes are made with cruelty free synthetic bristles, sustainable bamboo handles and recycled aluminum ferrules. I’ve had this set for a couple of years now and the bristles are still good strong considering the amount of times they’ve been bathed. Some good quality stuff.


Lush Cosmetics Angels on bare skin face and body cleanser. In my recent haul I mentioned that this cleanser was a recommendation from Mannymua (YouTuber). What caught my eye is that it claims to even out skin tone and give a natural glow. Who doesn’t want that? However I must admit the first time I tried this product it was a bit weird. I followed the directions as stated by mixing the product with water to form a paste. And although the consistency felt weird, I was pleasantly surprised with the results even after one use. My skin felt so soft, smooth, hydrated yet clean. After using it now as my morning cleanser for my face, I have fallen in love. The kailon clay base deeply cleanses while finely ground almonds and lavender flowers gently exfoliate away dry skin. Lavender oil will soothe and balance, and rose absolute will calm redness. For all skin types. Winner!

Wet n wild nail polish in the shade “Casting call.” Such a pretty nude color as pinks and nudes are what I gravitate towards (such a girl) for lip and nail options.

Essence XXXL long lasting lipgloss Matt Effect in 06 Soft Nude. This reminds me of the NYX soft matte lip creams but better in my opinion. The formula so creamy, although it’s not a liquid lipstick, it does last quiet a while on my lips, it’s hydrating although matte, and this shade is my favorite out the bunch. For reference the shade reminds me of Mac Cosmetics Velvet Teddy.

Maisonde Joelle Sun Protect Elixir/ serum. I received this from Abu Dhabi so I’m not sure if this is only available in the UAE but will link her website for details. I received the shampoo, conditioner, spray and elixir but by far the elixir is my favorite as serums, oils, leave in products are a must for me. We tend to always focus on protecting our skin with SPF constantly but what about our scalp and hair? This line is perfect for sun protection especially during warmer months. What I love about this elixir is that it makes hair feel super soft, manageable, tamed, shiny, and best of all it smells absolutely amazing!


DKNY Delicious Delights Fruity Rooty. What’s ironic is that my favorite color is pink but I have never ever disliked the scent of a pink bottle or pink colored perfume. So strange but so true. DKNY use to be my favorite scent as a teen and early 20’s and still today I love most DKNY perfumes. I’ve been wearing ‘Delicious’ almost every day for work and realized I only have about 1/4 left, that’s how much I’ve been wearing it. The notes include fruity, sweet, powdery, vanilla and floral. Smell it through the pic, I know you want to😉

Last but not least, Nivea 3-in-1 gentle cleansing wipes  for dry and sensitive skin. Claims to remove makeup and even waterproof mascara. Cleanses gently. Moisturizers and leaves skin feeling soft. Contains natural almond oil. It’s all of the above. New Holy Grail status. Enough said.
Thanks for stopping by😊

11 thoughts on “My current obsessions ”

  1. Oh that WnW nail polish looks so pretty! I love rosey nude shades like that. Adding that to my list!
    I’ve not smelled that version of DKNY perfume – will have to check it out.


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