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My Top 10 Ways To Achieve Healthy Skin

Hey beauties! As many of you know, or if you don’t know, I am a qualified skincare specialist. Dealing with so many different skin types, skin conditions and skin concerns, I find that a lot of people often experience the same problems or complain about similar things. Here are my top 10 tips on how to achieve a healthy, youthful looking skin and the key is to maintain it.
1. I purposely listed this first as I find so many people do this; cherry picking products. I get that we have thousands of products and brands to choose from, but the minute you using a cleanser from one brand, a moisturizer from another, a serum or mask from completely different brands, you confusing the heck out of your skin. Try and stick with one or maybe two brands at most for all your products. Remember each brand has their own unique concept, the ingredients from each product coincide and work very well together. Try and think of it as a chain (the brand) with multiple links (the products) and when those links are tied together they work well and form a strong bond. I assure you when using a good quality brand and multiple products within that brand, your skin will receive the best results. If you do wish to use two brands for example, use wash off products like your cleanser, exfoliator or cleanse off oil from one brand, but products that stays on your skin like serums, oils, moisturizers ect. use only one brand.

2. Don’t assume your skin type especially if you unsure. Go to a Dermatologist or Skincare expert and allow them to advise you on your skin, which brand and products to use that will be well suited for your skin and what home care advise to follow.

3. We all know to exfoliate as often as possible according to our skin type. But are you using a mask after exfoliation to restore your skin? Do you only shampoo your hair and skip conditioner? Think of exfoliating and mask as shampoo and conditioner. They go hand in hand. Every time you exfoliate apply a mask, and same concept vise versa, don’t apply a mask without exfoliating. The mask won’t penetrate into your skin if it hasn’t been exfoliated or can’t get past a layer of dead skin.

4. I’ve heard so many times, “I have oily skin, I can skip using a moisturizer.” No darling, no matter what skin type you have we ALL should moisturize and protect our skin. There are even face oils for combination and oily skin. So what happens when you don’t apply a moisturizer if you are oily; the sebum (oil secretion of the sebaceous gland) will produce and multiply even more to compensate for the lack of moisture that you’ve taken away by not moisturizing resulting in dehydration, becoming more oily, breakouts appear, blackheads and unhappy face 😟 moisturize please.

5. Wash your makeup off before jumping into bed at night! No matter how exhausted I am at the end of a very long day, I will always find whatever energy I can gather up to cleanse my skin. I will indeed feel very gross and uncomfortable should I sleep with makeup on as well. Your skin repairs itself and needs to breath at night and it cannot do so if it’s trapped by layers of makeup, dirt, sebum and sweat. Eeeewwww.

6. “I’m in my late 20’s, I’m still too young to use anti-ageing products.” Well did you know that from the age of 25 we start losing collagen. What is collagen? It is a protein produced by our cells that helps “hold” the skin together, keeping it looking younger and giving it firmness and elasticity. So if our natural collagen production is decreasing from the age of 25, nothing is stopping you from using an anti-ageing product.

7. Eye creams does wonders! So many people are not using eye creams, why??? Remember we do not produce any sweat, less oils are produced and the skin is very thin in our eye area. A moisturizer won’t be effective on the eye area while ingredients of an eye cream will. It will also benefit if you have fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

8. Change your bedding/ pillow covers as often as possible. Like I mentioned previously our skin needs to breath and repair itself at night. You’ve just washed your face, applied your serum and moisturizer or sometimes a sleeping/ overnight mask, you ready for bed but your pillow cases have not been changed in a while. Uhm no.

9. Do not constantly touch your face throughout the day. Especially once your had a facial, or cleansed and moisturized your skin. And quit constantly picking at your pimples. I know pimples are super annoying but by you constantly picking at it, you spreading more bad bacteria into your skin and incorrect removal of pimples causes more to appear.

10. “My skin is so sensitive.” Do you know the difference between sensitive and sensitized skin? A sensitive skin is more intolerant of topical preparations and environmental conditions than the general population. The skin appears to be red, dilated capillaries, flakiness, the skin is thin, dehydrated, heat sensitive and rash like bumps. Sensitive skin type is genetic. Sensitized skin can occur in many different skin types, at any age or any stage of our lives. It’s caused by stress, severe weather, hormonal, lifestyle and most commonly incorrect product use. Refer back to point number 2 to get a full professional skin analysis to be advise on which products to use for your skin to avoid further incorrect product use.

I cheated, I added one bonus one; remember stress, diet, the environment, alcohol, smoking, medication ect determines our skin condition. Drink tons of water, maintain a balanced diet, leave the aircon off when you don’t need it, go outside and get some fresh air during the day. Apply SPF everyday (even in winter). But please take care of your skin! 
Thanks for stopping by😊

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13 thoughts on “My Top 10 Ways To Achieve Healthy Skin”

  1. #3 is interesting! I never thought about it the way you explained it with the shampoo and conditioner. Although, the other night I did exfoliate and then used a sleeping mask and my skin was so nice the next morning!
    #5 is SO important! I have a friend who frequently sleeps in her makeup. I always scold her. But the annoying thing is that her skin looks GREAT! Ugh.
    I used to not use eye cream either but then realized the skin around that area needs a lot of TLC.
    #9 is SO important! I’ve weaned myself off the habit of touching my face during the day. Most people don’t realize how often they do it.
    My skin is definitely sensitive – I have thin skin and it gets hives from heat or cold or sometimes just randomly!
    And yes, SUNSCREEN is so important all year round!!!
    Awesome post! 😀 ❤

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