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My Top 5 Favorite Blushes

Hey beauties! Today I will be showcasing my top 5 blushes. I know many people are not into blush, very seldom wear it or don’t wear it at all. I love blush though, and I cannot do my makeup without applying some blush. I find that blush is the first thing that fades throughout the day so I tend to look for long lasting, staying power in my blushes and so far these last throughout the day (or night). Here are the top dogs that I will always rotate:
From the Tarte Amazonian Exposed Cheek And Eye Palette – Free

I would describe this blush as a bright coral with fine specks of gold glitter. Tarte Amazonian clay blushes are known for being highly pigmented and 12 hour wear. Which is true, these blushes are raved about for a reason, it will last me a long time as I only need a small amount when applying, and the longevity is superb. I’m not exactly sure if this blush is sold separately, but I’m guessing it is as the blush next to this in the palette is sold separately.
Wet n Wild- Pearlescent Pink

Another highly pigmented blush that lasts all day long. I was so shocked the first time I wore this blush because by the end of the day my blush was still on my cheeks and the sheen was still there. I’ve heard it’s comparable to Nars blush in Orgasm (Nars and their names for products 🙈). But it’s honestly such a beautiful color, and for the price of these Wet n Wild blushes which is very affordable it could easily be mistaken for a high end blush and in fact better than some high end blushes. Color description I would say it looks like a rose gold shade. I know that Wet n Wild released a new formula and new packaging in these blushes which I believe is very good too.
Essence Cosmetics- Berry Me Up!

As you can tell I’m not that into matte blushes as I love the glow and sheen, but sometimes certain makeup looks require matte blushes. This is when I reach for this gorgeous blush by another affordable brand. It’s a deep pink blush with a warm undertone (hope my color descriptions are passable 😁). I haven’t head that much about these blushes but I was and still am impressed by this formula. It’s very smooth and easy to blend.
Mac Cosmetics- Springsheen Shimmer Blush

Funny story, but I when I was in the Mac store browsing, I literally stopped dead in my tracks, took a deep breath and stared at this blush for what felt like forever. I immediately bought it, no hesitation, didn’t look at the name or any other blush as I was sold on this one. Then when I applied it the next day it was as beautiful as I imagined it would be. It’s defiantly a blush that would suit so many different skin tones too. Gives the cheeks such a gorgeous sheen and goes with so many different makeup looks.
Mac Cosmetics- Warm Soul Mineralized Blush

I gave into the hype way back then and purchased this blush as everyone spoke about it. As you see I hit pan, that’s how much I’ve been wearing it. But I’ve had this for about 3 and a half years I think, so they do last a long time. Another great blush that practically everyone owns and it suits fair to deep skin tones. I know in the swatch you can hardly see the blush, but I promise on the cheeks it’s stunning.

Another cult favorite Mac blush is Melba, a matte formula. Unfortunately I don’t have that anymore but check it out next time you at the Mac store or online as it is highly recommended for a reason. I had the intention of purchasing Melba, but when I laid my eyes on Springsheen, that idea escaped my mind…fast.
What are some of your favorite blushes?
Thanks for stopping by😊

24 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Blushes”

  1. Wow, your MAC Warm Soul is well loved! I have it too but I keep forgetting to use it. I’m opposite to you – I prefer matte blushes since I can always apply highlight on top, and in more targeted area than a shimmery blush. Great bunch of products! I LOVE blushes, I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen my blush stash, but I have too much:
    Like I said, I love blushes! ❤ I should do a favourites blushes post! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh doll, you have a blush for everyday of the year haha! But what a stunning collection, well done!! Yeah the Mac blush I’m obsessed with and need to replace very soon. Do you have a highlighter collection or a couple of highlighters you can recommend? Dying to try or purchase a couple of new highlighters 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, I know. I love blush and I stop buying them! 😛 I do need to give some up that I don’t wear.
        I heard that the new MAC Warm Soul is not the same as the older version which we both have, see this comparison:
        No, I’ve never done a highlighter collection actually. I don’t have a ton but here’s a post I did last year showcasing a few that I like:
        But this year I bought Becca in Opal:
        That’s my current favourite! I recommend that one. 🙂

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  2. Wash just listening to a YouTuber say how some ppl love blush and others hardly wear it. But seeing posts like this make me want to try more! I only have a few and I feel they are mostly pretty similar! Lol. Loved the post!

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