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The ‘boyfriend explains what makeup is’ tag

Hey beauties! I read through Emily‘s hilarious post and decided to do my own version of this by asking my boyfriend to complete a list of questions of what he thinks certain makeup products are, and where do we place it.

Also check out Emily’s awesome website and blog post on this tag. Let’s show each other some love ❤️
Here are the list of items and his description of it:

BB Cream: “I don’t know what it’s used for but I’ve seen you written a blog post on it. I hope that counts for something…”

Primer: “I don’t know what it’s used for but I know you get primer paint so I’m going to run with it and say it’s used the same way. It’s used as an undercoat and makes makeup easier to apply the face. (I’m obviously not comparing woman to a wall).”

Foundation: “Very important. Like it says in the bible, the wise man builds his house on the rock” and who am I to argue with the bible.”

Concealer: “Used to conceal things. Where and why I don’t know.”

Powder: “Applied on the nose. I don’t know what’s the purpose but in movies they say that.”

Brow gel: “Basically the same as hair gel for guys but for the brows. Some days you want a comb over, some days you want to spike it up.”

Eye shadow: “Used on the eyelid area.”

Eyeliner: “Used around the eye (would be weird if it had that name and used on your nose).

Mascara: “Used on eyelashes to make them look longer and thicker (not sure about the thicker part)”

Corrector: “To hide blemishes or cover stuff that needs correcting.”

Contour: “No idea at all.”

Blush: “Used on the cheekbone area, usually peachy/ pink colors if I’m not mistaken.”

Bronzer: “Used for a bronze look kind of like self tan?”

Highlighter: “Used on the face to highlight your beauty.”

Setting spray: “Used once all the makeup is applied, you spray it on.”
Hope you had a laugh…

Feel free to ask your boyfriend’s/ husband’s the same questions and let us know what they come with.

(Image taken from Mac cosmetics website)

Thanks for stopping by😊

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