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My Makeup Journey…

Hey beauties! I just watched Shaanxo do a video on the power of makeup. I’ve seen Nikkytutorials do this video as well a couple of others too. So I thought I’d share my journey on makeup…

For someone that’s obsessed with makeup, I actually started wearing makeup (as in a full face) quiet ‘late’ at about 22 or 23. Before that I wore only eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. Could not stand lipsticks, hated those deep dark red and brown shades my mom and aunt always wore. Did not fill in my brows or even tweeze or wax them. I did not wear BB creams, tinted moisturizers or any powders. Saying that right now is probably unbelievable hey?
It’s not that I wasn’t interested, but while attending high school (when most girls start getting into makeup and beauty) we were not aloud to wear a stitch of makeup, no jewelry, no long nails, no nail polish, if we had long hair it had to be tied and out of our face, and each scholar wore full school uniform. If any of those rules were broken we were sent to the principals office, told to remove what we were incorrectly wearing, and most often spent extra time after school (about an hour) cleaning the classroom or hallways. I know what you thinking “that must have sucked big time!” So during the week my focus was merely on school work, homework, assignments, friends, sometimes boys 😉 and just being a kid. Weekends was the time when I explored makeup, did my hair, my nails, went into my mom’s room and tested out all her products (without her knowing of course).
Once I completed high school you would think I’d want to pack on all the makeup I could get hold of every single day right? Well no, not the case. I defiantly purchased a lot more makeup than I had but focused more on coloring my hair every couple of months, chopping my long hair, changing my style, constantly getting my nails done with acrylic tips, changing my nail color like every second day and I wore tons of rings and jewelry. I must say that felt very liberating.
Then one afternoon at work a friend of mine showed me a makeup pic and asked me to watch a YouTube makeup tutorial with her. That was the day I lost my marbles. I fell completely and utterly in love with makeup. I remember this beautiful girl going from a bare face to a full face of makeup and being so amazed at the result and power of makeup. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed and still am with makeup.

If you someone that does not wear makeup or a minimal amount of it, just know that us “full glam, full faced makeup lovers” wear makeup because it makes us happy. I do not wear makeup to hide or deceive people with a mask. I also don’t wear makeup for other people or my boyfriend. I wear makeup to enhance my features, it’s for myself, it makes ME happy. It’s my ART, it’s an expression of myself and it’s what I LOVE to do. Whether I’m wearing a smoky eye, carved out brows, bright highlight and harsh contour; or whether I’m wearing mascara, a little bit of brow gel and a lip stain; or whether I’m wearing absolutely no makeup at all, I will still step outside, feel boss, confident, fierce and completely comfortable with myself. 

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Thanks for stopping by😊

7 thoughts on “My Makeup Journey…”

  1. Loved this post, I genuinely enjoyed reading this story. I love what you said about wearing makeup because it makes us happy. That is completely true. There are a bunch of boys at my school who all complain that contouring is lying, and I’m just like we don’t do it for you! 😂

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