Why The Long Face?



As we all know humans are not constantly happy. We go through sadness, loneliness, unhappiness, feel uninspired, unmotivated and depressed from time to time.  Accept that it’s part of life and part of the struggle. But I always keep in mind that no matter what situation we faced with in life, it’s how you react and handle the situation that makes the difference. I honestly couldn’t care less how much millions or billions people make, but if they one of the most negative, conceited, uninspiring person I’ve come across, BYE.

So like I said we all go through the struggles of life, here are a couple of motivational tips that’s always kept me moving forward and got me out of my rut:

  • The very first thing I always do is PRAY. If you not someone that practices your religion or do not believe in a higher power, I’m not going to try and convince you to. But personally I believe in the power of prayers and I have complete faith in my relationship with God. Keep in mind I pray when I’m happy too, not just when it’s tough.
  • Just CRY and let it all out. Nothing wrong with showing your emotions. Although I opt to let it all out when I’m alone at 1am in my bed, but regardless I cannot bottle up emotions for a long period of time. I’ll cry, let it all out, get over it and MOVE ON. Once I have moved on from it, I’ll be damned if I should cry for that same reason again.
  • Always be GRATEFUL and APPRECIATE everything you have in life. I know it’s easier said than done especially when your friend, family member or stranger has a bigger house than you, better car than you, earns much more than you or has fancy things. Everyone’s walk in life is different, you serve a particular purpose in life so be grateful for what you have instead of constantly focusing on what you don’t have.
  • Do something out the ordinary for SOMEONE ELSE. Whether it’s making a cup of tea for your parents which you normally don’t do, send your loved ones flowers, give someone a compliment and not expect anything back. I know it sounds cheesy, but the minute you focus your energies in giving joy and happiness to someone else (no matter how big or small the jester is) you will automatically feel good about yourself.
  • Work out a PLAN as to how or what you going to do to get back on track to feel inspired and motivated again. Remember success never comes easy, it takes hard work, dedication, focus and loads of time and patience. Don’t give up even when you feel like you hanging on the thinnest piece of string ever. Get the plan in gear and stick to it.
  • Negativity creates room for more NEGATIVITY. The more you surround yourself with negativity, the more you attract. Be positive, have a POSITIVE mind set and  surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. I would rather have 5 good, loyal, trustworthy, inspiring friends than have 5000 fake, negative friends just to part of the cool crew.

shared-things-holding-onto-anger-is-like-drinking-poison-bYY5LP-quote70cc634de1b6875952c78041d7e1ab4c                                                               (images found on google)


What are some of your motivational tips?


Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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