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Why Going For Facials Is Necessary 

Hey beauties! I find that a number of people don’t see the need to go for a professional facial. Many think googling a product, reading a review, or watching a YouTube video solves all skincare problems. No, no, no (serious face). Keep in mind (as I always mention) I am a professional skincare expert, and herewith are the main reasons as to why a professional facial is needed from time to time:

1. Before any facial we as professionals are trained to ask a list of questions to establish your skin concerns, your skincare routine at home, medication, diet, working environment ect. to establish and a customized treatment that would target and meet your needs.

2. With all the previously mentioned, we are the professionals, whatever we recommend is for YOUR skin conditions, skin concerns and needs. I have never recommended the exact same 3 or more products to 2 different people. I’ve also never recommended a specific skincare regime to 2 different people. My point is, each face that I treat is different. You will never ever have the exact same skin conditions/ skin as another person (like your finger print). We pick up certain things on your skin that you might not be able to at home with a naked eye.

3. We have advanced electronic machines and equipment to assist with treatments.

4. More advanced exfoliation, masks ect. to give better penetration. Not saying the products you use at home is not powerful enough. But many times some of the professional products we use during a treatment is not sold as retail products. Why? Because only qualified therapists know how to use these products, certain techniques and knowledge is required and is specifically designed only to use in a professional treatment room.

5. If I could scream this sentence I would… We perform proper extractions the correct method/ way it should be done! I’ve seen horrible results from people popping zits at home the incorrect way.

6. The products we recommend to you are specifically prescribed for YOUR skin. Like you go to the doctor when you are sick and he/ she prescribes certain medication and home care advice. Same concept, but for the skin.

7. The average woman spends (shockingly) only 20 seconds and less cleansing her skin. Some woman don’t even cleanse, some don’t moisturize, don’t use SPF (and men), sleep with makeup on. So getting a facial will deeply cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate your skin. Kind of like hitting a reset button on your skin.

8. Don’t waste money on tons of products because there’s a hype about it, and everyone and their mom owns it. Then in the end you waste so much money on purchasing tons of products because it didn’t work out for your skin. Get a facial, listen to the feedback and recommendations your skincare therapist tells you, purchase those products, follow the regime they provided for you, ask a bunch of questions, and you’ll end up saving so much money, I can guarantee you that!


Other than that facials are super relaxing, you get to be pampered while your skin is being taken care of. I get a facial once every month which is the sufficient to get one every month, but if you on a tight budget or time restricted I would say get one every couple of months. As you age your skin will thank you…
Thanks for stopping by😊

14 thoughts on “Why Going For Facials Is Necessary ”

    1. Lucky you 😊 seeing that you a makeup lover, ask your skincare therapist to focus on a deep cleanse, detoxifying, getting all the dirt and oils from your pores and with the homecare and retail products ask her to recommended specific products or advice as to how to maintain a healthy barrier function for the skin. I wish I was the one doing your facial though haha. Love examining and working on the skin😀


  1. Its also a great feeling to get all pampered and spoiled.. people should get facials as often as possible, it helps your skin and it would help you feel at peace emotionally too x great post.

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  2. I love facials. You’re so right – you’re TRAINED to properly treat the skin. I can’t ever imagine trying to perform the procedures on myself. That reminds me, I am due for a facial!

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