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‘Beauty around the world’ swap with Claudia

This is honestly one of the most exciting posts I’ve done to date! When Claudia Marie Clemente contacted me, who i consider my friend now, I was thrilled to be part of her wonderful project. But first if you have no idea who Claudia is, where have you been yo?!! Just kidding, Claudia has an amazing blog whereby fitness, health and beauty are her main features. Side note with a body like her’s I would definitely take notes from her health and fitness tips. She’s such a strong, motivated, empowering woman and strives on positivity and bringing good change to this world. Claudia is all the way from Hawaii (I’m from South Africa) but it was a pleasure to be the first blogger she chose to do this swap with. Thank you babe! As she will be continuing her project, it will include more swaps with varies bloggers all around the world. I think this is such a genius idea. We so conformed to trying out products only available in our country, getting to know and meeting people close to home instead of branching out and discovering other parts of the world, different cultures ect. This is a great way to discover all that, form relationships, try new things, bring people closer together, be motivated and seek positivity. Well done doll for being an awesome soul!

Just to give you a bit of feedback or background how she came up with this idea of a swap and her project she’s working on (directly in her own words was the best way to interpret it, as it’s so well explained and very inspiring):

“Hearing about all those negative and heartbreaking news around the world truly makes me sad, angry and in a sense powerless. I know that I won’t be able to change the world but I wanted to take into my own hands… something that I CAN do to make our world a little bit of a better place.

I came across package exchanges on YouTube and thought that it was a brilliant idea. However, I wanted to put my personal spin and some value on it.

You may ask, how does beauty make this world a better place?


  • I love talking about beauty and I believe that beauty is all around us
  • I love traveling
  • I love nothing more than exploring and learning about different parts of world and different cultures
  • I obviously love beauty and love to learn new things
  • I love to get to know women and their stories from around the world
  • I love to learn about the things that are native in your part of the world and what they do make a woman feel more beautiful

I want to show on my blog, that no matter where we come from or are located in this world…that we are not that different. We all enjoy and strive for similar things. Let’s empower and encourage each other!” Claudia


Claudia’s details:


Instagram: @claudiamariefit

She so beautiful!


Let’s get into the products I received from her. P.s I literally screamed when I received these goodies and felt like a kid on Christmas day:

The top right shattered in transit but none the less, it’s a palette I’ve picked up, put down, picked up, put down at the store but never purchase it, so I’m glad it’s finally in my possession haha

Even something for my daughter was included, so sweet😊

Thanks for stopping by:)





15 thoughts on “‘Beauty around the world’ swap with Claudia”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your post! Thank you soo much, my friend! It was a pleasure swapping beauty products with you and I am so happy you are liking the products. Which one is your favorite?

    Ohh no so sorry that one palette shattered in transit 😦

    It was a pleasure and I can’t wait to see you grow and to keep in contact with you! Whenever you are in my part of the world, you now have a friend!


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    1. Yay ☺️☺️ we will definitely keep in touch and I’m glad we’ve formed a friendship. I think the carli palette and colorpop liquid lip is my fav. But the elf cream highlighter is a surprise gem as well! Haha. Stay in touch and tons of love!

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