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How To Pick The Correct Foundation


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Hey Beauties!

I think this is the most common question people ask when purchasing makeup or foundation in particular. Hopefully this post will guide you to pick the correct foundation without assistance at stores. I get that it’s sometimes intimidating going to a department store and asking for help or some people are just shy and uncomfortable chatting to the staff. Here’s how to determine your needs and achieve a successful foundation purchase all by yourself:


Firstly and most importantly you need to know what undertone you have. At college I was taught by looking at your veins you can determine this. We are either Neutral, Cool or Warm. If you’re cool the veins (on your inner wrists) are blue meaning your complexion is very light and foundations with a pink undertone is suited for you. If you’re neutral your veins are both blue and green. If you’re warm the veins appear green. For both neutral and warm, foundations with a yellow undertone is best suited.


Knowing which finish is what to look for first whether you want to purchase a high end or drugstore foundation. So if you have dry skin I suggest a luminous, glowing finish. If you have combination skin (you very lucky) a satin finish is best suited, but you can opt for a luminous or matte foundation depending on your preference. Lastly if you have oily skin a matte foundation is suited. Those are usually “the rules” but honestly I have dry skin and I’ve worn a satin foundation before with a dewy primer and tons of highlight. But for the beginners or if you just unsure, I’m mentioning the guidelines to go by.  Another tip, don’t purchase a foundation just because it’s raved about or popular, and it doesn’t even suit your skin type or needs. Pick a foundation according YOUR needs whether it’s popular or not.


Knowing which coverage to opt for. If you have some texture, acne or scarring to conceal, a full coverage foundation would most likely be suited for you. If you have minor scarring or just a bump here or there with uneven skin tone, medium coverage should do it. If you have clear skin and just want to even out your skin tone, a BB cream, CC cream or light coverage foundation is well suited.


Picking the correct shade: Now  when you at the store and ready to pick the foundation shade knowing the above mentioned facts like your skin type, coverage and foundation finish. Choose a couple of shades you think that would be the closest match to your skin tone. When testing out shades apply each one on your jawline. Never match a foundation to your T-zone, always your jaw and neck. So make sure everything is even and one tone when picking shades. Don’t be fooled by the store’s lightning. The lights that stores use is LED, incandescent and fluorescent which does not (most of the time) mimic natural day light. Try and go outside to see which shade will suit you best. Once you have a couple of shades on your jawline, make sure to stand back a couple of feet from the mirror. You’ll get a better view when choosing it from a distance as apposed to holding a mirror close to your face. From that selection which ever shade melts into your skin and appears invisible is your best match.


In case you were wondering, I will do a separate post on my top foundations as well as recommendations for other skin types besides my own. Hence why I haven’t mentioned any specific foundations in this post.


Let me know if this helped at all and as per usual,

Thanks for stopping by:) 


18 thoughts on “How To Pick The Correct Foundation”

  1. I totally agree with you as I do have combinational skin and I always prefer powder based foundations rather than to liquid foundations as it is more effective on me and I know lots of people buy foundations which are much raved about and it is such a common mistake that everyone does. Anyways, great analysis down here

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