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Essence Highlighters 

Hey beauties!

As per the title, Essence Cosmetics highlighters have been the business lately. To be honest I don’t think I can do my makeup without adding a touch of highlighter. I must admit drugstore highlighters have not amazed me, but surprisingly this did. Bare in mind it’s not a beaming, bam in your face, see me from the moon kind of highlight. It’s more of a radiant, lit from within healthy glow.

The Essence Metal Glam I purchased a while ago as part of a collection that Essence did. It’s a vanilla shade with build-able coverage and can be beaming and outstanding once layered. For suitableness I apply only one or two layers.

The Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette is new and still available on their website or any drugstore that stocks Essence Cosmetics. The middle shade is my favorite, but on the regular I do mix all three shades and build it up.

These highlighters (how many times can I type highlighters) are beautiful and I definitely do not regret purchasing these. It does not emphasis any texture on my skin, it makes my skin look radiant, hydrated with a beautiful glow. I know it’s not Anastasia or Becca quality, but for drugstore and the price it’s worth it.

Have you tried Essence highlighters before? What other drugstore is your fav?


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