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Guest Post Featuring Erin Angela: How To Successfully Grow Your Blog

Hey beauties!

My second guest blog post is on the wonderful Erin Angela aka Glitterandmojitos (love her wordpress name). She’s a 21 year old student studying to be a social worker. Her website is so unique, sophisticated and fun with plenty of tips from lifestyle to beauty. She has the whole package and absolutely love her work. Please check out her website and social media links and tell her I sent you and tons of love 🙂



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Instagram: erin_angela_xo

Twitter: ErinAngela_xo



POST TOPIC: How to Successfully Grow Your Blog



Hi, everyone! I’d like to begin this post by thanking Reeva for the opportunity to be a guest blogger. My name is Erin Angela, and I’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Canada.


I began my blog on a whim this past summer. When I hit “publish” for the first time I never expected my blog to grow as it has. I began researching my niche (beauty/lifestyle) and realized just how big the blogging community is. In this post, I share insight into the methods I’ve used (and you can use to!) to foster blog growth.


  1. Network with other bloggers in your niche


Networking with other bloggers via social media or your blog platform is a great way to increase readership. Fostering these connections allows you to form a support network. Networking is achieved in many ways. I began my networking via my blog platform (WordPress) by connecting with other blogs within the platform. I expanded my networking through joining comment pods on Instagram. These two sources have been invaluable supports.


  1. Create an editorial calendar


Editorial calendars can be electronic or written on paper. Creating an editorial calendar has kept me on track with my posts. I’ve devoted specific topics to each day I post (Monday-Wednesday-Friday). This consistency motivates me to complete specific topics and posts for each day. An editorial calendar is key if you plan to launch products, services, or courses.


  1. Quality over quantity


Most, if not all, blog content should be genuine. Readers appreciate a well-thought post, with quality photos and personal opinions. Thoughtful blog posts whether they are personal, or reviews, allow readers to connect with the writer.


Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂


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