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Sorbet Mini Haul


Hey beauties!

I have a Clicks club card which you receive cashback (valid to spend only at clicks) once accumulating  points. I usually try and save all my points till the end of the year to purchase products. I accumulated a hefty amount and decided to purchase some Sorbet  products. Clicks stocks Sorbet products which is where I purchased these goodies from.

Firstly I needed another body scrub and loved the scent of this. All these products, or Sorbet products in general are fairly inexpensive but so far I like the quality.


Next I needed Nail polish remover and this said ‘hydrate’which caught my attention, and it has a pump which is much easier than a regular bottle.

I have dry skin therefore I purchased a cream cleanser. I often change cleansers and not dedicated to just one brand or one particular cleanser. So will see how this works out:)

Last but not least I was most excited for this and the whole reason why I ended up purchasing the other Sorbet products was because I really wanted this Brush Cleansing System. I know it’s not a Clarosonic, Vanity Planet or any other well known brush cleansing system, but this works just as well and gets the job done. I couldn’t help myself and tried this device before posting this. I wear makeup on a regular basis and by cleansing with just my fingers wasn’t doing it enough for me. By the time I tone, I noticed there would still be makeup on my cotton round which means all the makeup was not cleaned properly from my face. Using this brush cleaning system, I noticed at the last step of my cleansing process (toning with a cotton round) the cotton round was clear with no makeup residue on it. Definitely worth it! It comes with 3 brush heads and the brush heads are sold individually too. One for deep cleanse/ exfoliating, one for cleansing and one silicone for sensitive skin which I will use on days that I’m not wearing foundation.



Thanks for stopping by:)


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