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2016 Favorites 

Hey beauties!

So here are my 2016 favorites that I’ve loved throughout the year. It’s not many as these are products/ accessories I constantly wore more than just a couple of times. Can’t wait to see all of yours as well😉


Polo Handbag and Polo Wallet. I received this as a gift for my birthday and ever since then it’s the only wallet I use. As we all know, we as ladies interchange handbags all the times but I’ve worn this numerous times and love it.

American swiss stud earings. It was part of a set but the earrings are my favorite part as I wear it on a daily basis (as seen on most of my blog posts too). I’m not sure where the infinity chain is from as it was a gift with our names engraved on it.

Nail color:

Sally Hansen Cafe Au Lait. I was on the hunt for the perfect nude shade for my nails for a while until I saw this. Whenever I had no idea what shade to paint my nails, this was always my go-to as it matched almost any outfit and complements my skin tone perfectly.


The Body Shop Honey bronze. I love how this gives my body a glow/ shimmer and provides that bronzed Goddess effect. Great for summer but I use it all year round even if i just apply it on my arms, shoulders and decollete . The only thing I don’t like about this product is the packaging, I struggle to get the product out so therefore I wish it was a spray bottle or had a pump.

Sorbet Brush cleanser. I know this is a recent purchase but I’ve used it enough times to know that I have no regrets purchasing this and its helped my skin tremendously.

Benefit Its Potent eye cream. Used for decreasing dark under eye circles, which is my main focus on diminishing. I love how moisturizing this eye cream is and can be used before applying makeup as it does not disturb my concealer and powders applied on top. I have noticed my under eyes are lighter and brighter than what they use to be, but obviously only with continuous use.

Milkshake soft honey hand cream. I did a review on this product and as mentioned I love how moisturizing and soft this makes my hands feel. I do use it on a daily basis throughout the day and the scent is very faint and doesn’t bother me. I also love that it does leave behind a greasy residue or film on my skin.

Dermalogica Hydrablur primer. My holy grail primer. It definitely does what’s expected, blurs fine lines and wrinkles, blurs and minimizes pores and smooths my skin.


Chanel Chance. I know this is quiet a popular perfume for so many woman, but that’s for a reason. It smells absolutely divine and whenever I go out (day or night) this is one of the fragrances I usually pick. More suited for spring time and summer time in my opinion though.


Joelle Paris hair elixir. The best part about this serum is the scent! It smells like candy and it doesn’t weigh my hair down or leave a greasy residue or film. It’s great because it also protects my hair from the sun and is part of the sun care range (like sunscreen for your hair). I received this from Abu Dhabi but her website ships internationally I’m sure.


Smashbox 15 hour hydrating foundation. I did a full review on this foundation, click here to view. I love how lightweight this feels on my skin as it feels like I’m not even wearing foundation yet it provides enough coverage that lasts the entire day or night.

Mac cosmetics Face and body foundation. I also did a full review on this foundation, click here to view. I mainly wear this when I wear minimal makeup as it is light to build-able coverage and ensures that my skin tone is evened out.

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel palette. I love how versatile this palette is. The main part I love is the highlighters which I mix with other highlighters or use on it’s own.

Mac cosmetics Warm soul blush. A staple in every makeup junkie’s collection. As you can tell I have about 3 more uses left but it’s such a beautiful gleaming blush that suits so many skin tones.

Mac cosmetics eye shadow Expensive Pink. One of my favorite eye shadows Mac offers. I don’t hear a lot of people talk about this shade which makes it extra special/ unique to me and it suits my eyes perfectly.

Colorpop supershock eye shadow Kathleen Lights. I love colorpop in general. The texture of their eye shadows and blush is very unique. This shade in particular is a lovely antique bronze with gold in it. I know so bad at describing the shade but it reminds me a little bit of Amber lights from Mac and I’m into those kind of shades/ under tones.


Benefit cosmetics Roller lash mascara. I did a full review on this product too, click here to view. One of my favorite mascara’s I’ve tried. I feel like this a “love it or hate it”kind of product, but for me it was a hit.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Naked. I love this nude shade but most of all I love Anastasia’s formula of her liquid lipstick’s. The mouse/ whipped formula is comfortable and lasts hours.

Mac cosmetics lip gloss in Deelight. Fav lip gloss of all time. Enough said.

Essence cosmetics lip liner in Satin Mauve. Essence lip liners are my favorite lip liners of all time as the quality and formula beats some high end ones. It’s creamy, long lasting, glides on the lips and pigmented.

I don’t have a link for the nude/ pale toned lip gloss as it was part of a gift from Hawaii, but I love that it’s not high shine, it’s more pigmented. I use it to lighten lipsticks or wear it  alone with a lip liner.


Thanks for stopping by 😊

10 thoughts on “2016 Favorites ”

  1. I love reading these best of lists!
    MAC Face and body foundation is such a great natural looking finish.
    I agree with you on the BH Cosmetics Carlie Bybel palette – those highlighters are outstanding!
    I’ve heard really good things about Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks – now you got me curious!

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