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Morphe and Colorpop mini haul and review 

Hey beauties!

First and foremost I would like to wish everyone happy holidays! Hope you all had a splendid Christmas if you celebrate it, and having an awesome New Year’s Eve. This will be my last post for 2016:) But to be honest I cannot wait to wrap up 2016 and get started with 2017.

So for today’s post is a mini review on Colorpop and Morphe. I just received these awesome goodies and love both brands and their success and quality for an affordable price. The hype is real… I love that they expanding with their products, brushes and even shipping worldwide now.

Morphe 35W (matte and shimmer) and 35N (all matte shades):

The palette’s are fairy similar but I honestly love both. The 35W I use when I want to use more of the shimmer shades and the 35N I use when I’m wearing all matte or need some matte shades in the crease. The pigmentation of all these shades are very good, easy to blend and lasts all day/ night. Morphe palette’s are raved about for a reason and I have no regrets now owning these babies. I will do multiple makeup looks with this palette hence no swatches so don’t hate me😜


Supershock shadow in So Quiche

KathleenlightsXcolorpop in Mr Bing

Eyebrow pencil in Bangin’ Brunette

Ultra metallic lip in Salt

Matte lippie stix in Tootsi

Ultra matte lip in Chi

KathleenlightsXcolorpop Ultra matte lip in Lumiere 2 (my second tube)

I’ve tried colorpop before and I’m happy to have more colorpop products in my collection. Their eye shadows, and ultra matte liquid lipsticks are my fav. I know many say the liquid lipsticks are very drying on the lips but it’s not drying for me. However I do apply a lip balm before applying any liquid lipstick which is why I have no problems. The formula is very thin which it a bit tricky to get the application perfect but what helps is applying a lip pencil beforehand. The eye shadows have an amazing ‘bouncy/ mousse like’ formula. I find that the shimmer, glitter or shades with sheen is best applied with the fingertips. The personal note and tips and tricks booklet also comes in handy. They pretty much up to date with makeup trends and love that they have such a unique touch with their products and their brand in general. I totally forgot about their Highlighters though and I’ve heard that’s also one of their best sellers.

Which Colorpop and Morphe products have you tried and love?

Once again thank you for all the support in 2016 beauty lovers! This has become my happy place a chance to form relationships, share ideas and obsess about the things we all love. I can’t wait to see what next year holds and grow with you all:) It’s been real, Peace!

Thanks for stopping by:)

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