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My Top 10 Affordable Products

Hey Beauties! I hope all is well. I'll jump straight into my top 10 products that I incorporate on a ton of occasions when doing my makeup as I know these items work well for me. Please leave me your suggestions of affordable products you love so I can check em' out too:) These are… Continue reading My Top 10 Affordable Products

Skin Care

My Current Skincare Routine 

Hey Beauties! This is my current skincare regime. I do have dry skin, but during the summer period my skin is combination. One or two products will change within a couple of weeks and I will then write separate posts on those products, but for now these are the products I'm using and have been… Continue reading My Current Skincare Routine 

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How To Apply False Eyelashes

Hey Beauties! First of all I hope everyone has a splendid week ahead and happy Monday:):) I get asked this question all the time especially when I have a full face of makeup on with eyelashes, and that's how does one apply lashes? I really hope by the end of this post you will have… Continue reading How To Apply False Eyelashes

Make Up

Final Valentine’s Day Makeup Look #3 

Hey Beauties! This is my final Valentine's makeup inspiration look. As promised this is more natural focusing on the skin and glow instead of a bunch of eye shadows. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day whether you single or have someone special. What was your favorite look out of all 3????   Products used:… Continue reading Final Valentine’s Day Makeup Look #3 

Hair care

Davines Naturaltech Nourishing Hair Building Pak Mask Review

  Hey Beauties! I'm not that much educated with hair products and hair in general, but recently I have been using professional hair products since I have had the brazilian done in October 2016. I went to the hair salon and specifically looked for a hair mask that would prolong the keratin treatment as well… Continue reading Davines Naturaltech Nourishing Hair Building Pak Mask Review