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How To Apply False Eyelashes

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I get asked this question all the time especially when I have a full face of makeup on with eyelashes, and that’s how does one apply lashes? I really hope by the end of this post you will have some form of clarity as to how to apply it. Also remember it may be quick and easy for me to do it now, actually a lot quicker than applying a few layers of mascara. Yep truth be told… But when I first started applying lashes it wasn’t of course quick and easy, it took practice.

The first thing you going to do once you’ve purchased your lashes is to remove it out of the packaging. Key thing is to remove it super carefully. What I do is take a pair of tweezers or eyelash applicators and start peeling it out of the packaging from the outer corner of the lashes. This will ensure that the inner part of your lashes won’t get damaged in case you ruin it trying to get it out the packaging.

Next you going measure the lashes according to your eye shape/ length. If you see the lashes are too long you will need to trim a tiny bit off to adjust and suit your eye shape. ALWAYS trim from the OUTER EDGE never the inner corner. How to determine the inner corner vs outer corner is that the inner corner will have shorter hairs, and the outer edges will have longer hairs. That’s what our natural lashes look like hence a false lash will mimic the shape of our natural lashes. Initially rather trim too little than trim too much off. You can always measure again and trim a tiny bit more should that be needed.

Once you’ve trimmed or customized your lashes apply a thin layer of eye lash glue to the lashes. The eyelash glue I’m currently using is the classic Duo Adhesive. I purchased mine at Mac cosmetics or it can be purchased at any makeup counter or Inglot Cosmetics. I know Ardell, House of lashes, Revlon and Eyelure also make some awesome lash glue. Once you’ve applied the glue, I cannot stress this enough, WAIT at least 20 to 30 seconds for the lash glue to get a little bit tacky before applying it onto your lash line. If you don’t wait for that glue to get tacky it’ll be slipping and sliding all over your eyelid and very difficult to get it in place.

Use a mirror and hold it quiet close to your eyes but what’s key is that you look down onto the mirror not straight ahead. This will make the application of the lashes very close to the lash line easier to apply.

So once your placed it on your lash line (very close to the lashes, not on the lashes else you will rip your lashes out once removing the falsies), apply pressure in the middle to ensure it sticks then the outer edge and then press down on the inner corner.

If you a beginner I would also recommend purchasing lashes from Eyelure or Ardell from Clicks or Diskem as it ranges from R49.95 and up (or any of your local drugstores and pharmacies). A lash band that’s very thin will be much easier to apply as apposed to a more expensive thicker band. Besides a thin lash band often gives the appearance of a more natural daytime dainty lash other than having a very obvious dramatic heavy lash. I do love Mac cosmetics lashes too, and the band on their lashes is also thin but in terms of price it is a bit more expensive. If you lucky to get a pack of lashes with about 3 or 6 pairs of lashes in the pack that is also a good find. Salon perfect usually sells it in a pack as well as Ardell.

P.S Once you start wearing false eyelashes it’s addictive! I’m currently in eyelash rehab, had to take a break. It was getting to a point where I couldn’t do my makeup without wearing falsies  #justsaying

Let me know if this helps and you welcome to add any comments or further questions. Much love!!

Thanks for stopping by:)

8 thoughts on “How To Apply False Eyelashes”

  1. My coworker just asked for my advice on false eye lashes – not sure why she thought I’d know about them because I don’t! I’ve worn false lashes all of 3 times in my life and each time they were applied by professionals. Also, I do not find them to be comfortable – I could feel them on my eyes the whole time like I had a foreign object (which, I do, actually!) Maybe if I wore them more often I could get used to them more.

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    1. Yeah definitely if it’s worn more often. Also depending on the lash you used cause some lashes are uncomfortable especially with a thicker band, but the thin band I don’t even feel.


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