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Exfoliating And The Impotance Of It Featuring Lamelle 

Hey beauties!

I don’t know why I haven’t spoken about this topic sooner and I was going through my skincare posts I haven’t actually spoken about exfoliating at all😮 well today is the day I finally do…

Why do we exfoliate? 

The skin creates a build-up of dead skin cells which sits on the epidermis of our skin. Our skin then becomes dry, rough and looks dull. It can also create further oiliness, clogged pores and breakouts on oily skin. The natural process whereby dead skin cells is shed is called desquamation. Unfortunately as we age this process slows down and to assist this process we need to exfoliate on a regular basis especially the older we get. That’s why it’s quiet common to see a mature person with dull, dehydrated, very dry skin.

What are the benefits of exfoliating? 

Personally I love exfoliating as it leaves my skin feeling like a baby’s bottom. It improves my skin’s texture by making it look and feel smooth and polished. It increases blood circulation therefore increasing oxygen to the skin cells for an overall healthy and glowing skin. Skin appears radiant, not dull and nourished. Better product penetration, so your serums, masks, moisturizers etc will penetrate better into the skin and you’ll receive the full benefits of your skincare products. It also improves or minimizes the appearance of pigmentation, uneven skin tone, uneven skin texture and scarring.

What are some of the exfoliating treatments offered at Spa’s and Salons?

Peels like Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peels, Glycolic Peels,chemical peels all depending your skin type and skin condition; microdermabrasion; microneedling; laser etc can all be included with a modern day facial.

At home exfoliating: 

I exfoliate 2 to 3 times per week using the Lamelle Cathepzyme 1 Home Exfoliation System. Some exfoliators are smooth (like a very mild peel) and some contain granules (a physical exfoliator).
This is a smooth exfoliator. As per the website and packaging:

‘Cathepzyme 1 is a home exfoliation product containing a patented ingredient that mimics one of the skin’s most important exfoliation enzymes. This patented self-neutralizing extract mimics the orderly, natural exfoliation of the skin to produce a targeted, cell-specific exfoliation with no down time, irritation, redness or visible peeling. Cathepzyme 1 provides the lightest effect in the Cathepzyme range and is ideally suited for more sensitive skin types.’

I apply this exfoliator for 3 minutes on my skin, 2 to 3 times per week followed by a mask. The number 1 after the word Cathepzyme means it gives the lightest effect in the Cathepzyme range for sensitive and dry skin. (I have dry skin) and there’s another exfoliator in the home range called Cathepzyme 2 which is the strongest effect. In case you wondered why there’s a 1 and 2 in their ranges.
You probably thinking what the hell is Cathepzyme and where does that word come from?

Cathepzyme is a product scientifically developed and so advanced that it has the ability to restore Cathepsin D activity and the skin’s normal cell shedding process, of which youthful skin is a direct result.

I really love how Lamelle gets it right with the science of the skin as their driven target when creating products.
In between my home exfoliation system I do absolutely love skin Peels. I’ve been doing Peels for years now, mainly AHA Peels (skincare youthfulness secret revealed haha) and it’s been amazing.

I purchase my Lamelle products from the salon I work at. Lamelle is a professional skincare South African brand purchased at certain spa’s and salon’s.

Have I convinced you to exfoliate tonight? I hope so 😉

Thanks for stopping by😊

7 thoughts on “Exfoliating And The Impotance Of It Featuring Lamelle ”

  1. Well said Reeva, exfoliating your skin is crucial as it helps to hide away dead cells and instantly rejuvenates your skin and also, helps to go through blood circulation around the face which makes your face much healthier and cleaner

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I use to work with and loved using Lamelle! It’s tricky trying to get the products to the USA because you can purchase it from Dermastore but I don’t think they deliver internationally unfortunately. So sorry! Xx


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