Would You Dare To Go Bare? 

Hey beauties!


Jumping right in and talking about something us as woman should be talking more about. I know this is a beauty blog and I’m always talking about and recommending products to conceal this, correct that, anti age this, achieve this perfect look by using and doing this. And honestly as much as I love caking on the makeup and using fancy skincare and beauty products to minimize, diminish, fight this off, help my skin etc., I love the feeling of removing my makeup at the end of the day. I wear makeup to work everyday and believe it or not on my days off I do not wear a stitch of makeup, I spend 10 seconds (and no less) brushing my hair and when home I don’t even bother wearing a bra. Ain’t nobody got time to be all dolled up all day everyday 🤚🏼Even when I’m out running errands I don’t wear makeup or get dressed up.

I applaud every woman or girl that is confident and comfortable with herself when it’s ‘sweatpants, hair tied chillin’ with no makeup on’ kind of day, even when they out in public. Why should we be conformed to portray a perfect image all the time? I give props to mature woman with stretch marks and no Botox ever done and have aged gracefully. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking care of myself and I would never urge anyone not to, but there’s a time, place and limit for everything. Why are a number of woman apologizing for wearing no makeup and not wearing their best outfit on a average day when bumping into them or seeing them at work. These are things we shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of or feel bad for.

Can you believe I deeply considered modeling as a full time career 😱😂🙈 No offense to anyone that is a model but for me, I would have probably wanted to kill myself should that have been my career, my self confidence and the way I portray myself would have been very low as a pose to how high it currently is. Growing up as a teen and into my 20’s I wasn’t the most confident, outgoing, eager person. I was very (still am from time to time) shy, a little bit reserved and very unsure of myself. I guess plenty of teens and twenty something year olds feel the same. But right now being 31 (yes I’m 31!) I can proudly say I’m more open/ opinionated, strong, confident and driven. Woman like Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Gabrielle Union are just some of the woman I looked up to growing up and wanting to seek that fulfillment in being a strong, confident woman.


Would you dare to go bare? Thanks for reading and letting me blow off some steam haha.

Thanks for stopping by 😊

12 thoughts on “Would You Dare To Go Bare? ”

  1. Despite owning the essentials (primer, foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick/gloss, and eye shadow), I don’t wear makeup often. If my boyfriend and I are going on a date. or if I’m hanging out with friends for an occasion, I’ll put some makeup on to draw attention to my features. Otherwise, I prefer letting my skin breathe. A good skincare routine and healthy eating is all most need for a healthy glow, unless one has a skin condition that prevents that glow from appearing.

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  2. People these days make it so hard to go bare even if one wishes to.. Loads of confidence and taking good care of oneself is the only way to get through all the cynicism. Happy to see you bare faced and the post is a good one.

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