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Cadiveu Brasil Cacau Shampoo and Conditioner Review 

Hey beauties!

Let’s talk hair. I’ve been doing the Brazilian hair treatment for about 6 months now, a total of 2 treatments within the 6 months. I absolutely love doing the Brazilian/ keratin hair treatment as I have very frizzy, curly hair that looked like a lion once I’ve washed my hair, step out the pool or let it air dry. Since doing the Brazilian my hair is so much more manageable, straighter and less blow dry/ flat ironing meaning less heat on my hair. I save so much time now doing my hair and it looks in better condition and more presentable. With this treatment I cannot use any shampoos or conditioners containing sulphate. I have tried other shampoos and conditioners but so far this is the best I’ve discovered:


The Cadiveu Brasil Cacau shampoo and conditioner is designed to maintain and prolong the Brazilian/ keratin treatment. As per the website:

‘Cleans without damaging hair. Regenerates inner and outer hair, promoting a smoother and shinier look while reducing frizz with the sulfate free formula, gently cleanses, retains moisture, humidity resistant, and color safe .It thoroughly cleanses the hair while maintaining vital moisture for increased strength and radiant shine. An exclusive Super-Nutrient Complex infuses the hair with a rich source of amino acids to help strengthen while locking in moisture and locking out humidity. The end result is smooth, frizz-free, radiant hair.’

‘Rehydrates and seals the hair cuticles, giving them a smoother and shinier look while reducing frizz. It Is a deep moisturizing conditioner that infuses the hair with the vital moisture and nutrients needed to maintain the optimal strength and health of the hair. The  Super Nutrient Complex fortifies and repairs the hair while locking in moisture and locking out humidity. The end result is healthy, frizz-free, radiant hair.’
Moisture and shine is what I look for when purchasing a shampoo and conditioner. I want my hair to feel squeaky clean once shampoo’d but not to a point where I feel like my hair is being stripped from its natural oils but rather hydrated and nourished. My conditioner to make my hair feel smooth, silky, soft and manageable. I feel like this really helps and pairs well with my Brazilian and maintains that sheen and appears sleek. I found that with previous shampoos and conditioners when using dry shampoos on days that my hair looked a bit too greasy and no time to wash it, I might as well have washed my hair as it didn’t mesh well in my hair. With this shampoo and conditioner I can use dry shampoo and it doesn’t look and make my hair feel weird or worse. It’s not advisable to be washing your hair every day (ain’t nobody got time for that anyway) with or without the Brazilian so I wash my hair twice a week. This product will then last quiet a while too as I don’t use an enormous amount when cleansing and conditioning, a small amount will lather up and condition the hair very well. The best part is the smell, especially the conditioner. Seeing that the scent is amazing I apply the conditioner, comb through my hair, leave it on for about 20 mins (sometimes half an hour) then only rinse to ensure the scent lasts longer on my hair as I love it that much.
Contains 300ml/ 10.1 fl.oz


Can only be purchased at certain professional hair salons. I purchased mine at Partners Hair Design for R244 each.

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