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The Necessary Brushes For Begginers To Achieve A Full Face Of Makeup

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Ever watch a makeup tutorial or get your makeup done and see artists use about 50 brushes? Well, you can achieve a full face of makeup using minimal brushes and there’s honestly no need to use a ton of brushes to achieve a flawless look.  Note that some brushes are used not just for one purpose.  All brushes used for this post is affordable but good quality and easily accessible. Here are the essential and only brushes you will need in your collection for the average woman:

Foundation and concealer:

Depending on your preference I have given you 2 options, either a brush or a sponge to apply your foundation and concealer. I personally prefer a sponge as a sponge can be used for my foundation, concealer and setting powders.  Beauty sponges are sold at any cosmetic counters or stores. This foundation brush is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

Under eye setting powder:

This too is an option if you don’t want to set your concealer with a sponge like I do, so the Real Techniques Setting Brush is great for that. Further on I have inserted a highlighter brush, but this setting brush can also be used to apply your highlighter.

Blush and setting the face:

One brush, 2 purposes for both blush and setting the face. Set your face first though then use the same brush to apply your blush. The brush I use is the Cala Blush Brush.

Contour and bronzing:

The Cala Angled Contour Brush is used on the outer parameter of the face to warm up the complexion and contour the face.


The Alila Fan Brush (Cala makes one too that I would recommend) used to highlight the cheekbones, nose and chin. Like I said, the real techniques setting brush is also great for highlighting if you don’t want to spend the extra money on another brush, but this is just another option. I switch between a fan brush and the Real Techniques brush all the time.


The Cala Blending Brush is great for the crease and blending out eye shadow. The size of your blending brush will vary from person to person. When choosing a blending brush to purchase, ensure that you choose one according your eye/ lid space. For an example if you have small eyes and not much lid space from your upper lash line to your eyebrows, choose a smaller blending brush. If you have quite a bit of lid space, choose a bigger blending brush. I would however recommend something like Color Switch or a Spot Cleanser for brushes to blend out different color eye shadows in case you want to go from dark to light and use the same brush. The Alila Flat Brush is used to pack on color on the eyelid and the reason its flat is to ensure a great amount of intensity of the shade is applied.


Other brands that stock great affordable quality brushes and sponges are Wet n wild, Essence, ELF and Eco Tools just to name a few that have not been mentioned in this post. What are some of your favorite necessity brushes?



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