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10 Makeup Trends From 2017

Hey Beauties! Let’s jump into the hottest trends that I’ve been loving for 2017:


1. Glitter, glitter, glitter.

Love the sparkle, love the bling. I’m definitely glad packing on the sparkle and the shine (especially with glitter tears) is the hype.

Nicole Guerriero


2. Glossy lids. 

I must admit for photographs, shoots, Instagram and magazines this is applicable. But for a night out or daytime look it starts looking like a hot mess after a couple of hours. But for editorial purposes it’s poppin’.

(Image taken from Mac Cosmetics)


3. Metallic everything. 

From liquid lipsticks to lip glosses to eye shadows and highlighters, the more we look like Tin man the better on trend we are😉

(both models found on google)


4. Baking.

Not in the kitchen but on our face. It was a trend last year but has carried on this year too and has become the norm for some people. Applying loose powder with a damp sponge underneath the eyes, nose and underneath cheek contours to lock in and set those areas.

Kim Kardashian West


5. Ombré lips. 

Lining lips with one shade and using a shade or two lighter on the inside. Benefit Cosmetics and NYX came out with a lipstick to achieve the 2 toned ombré lip effect.

(image from Tart cosmetics instagram)
(image from NYX cosmetics instagram)


6. Using blush as contour. 

Riri wore this look so well and I admired her makeup for the Met Gala 2017. Her makeup was on point, stunning! Very much an 80’s makeup trend.



7. Bushy/ full brows.

Long gone are the days with thin or even very sculptured, defined brows. Let them be. Grow them out.

(both models, images from google)


8. Skin is in. 

Soft, natural, neutral looks are in. No need for defined, harsh contour lines, cake face, heavy lashes and bold brows.

Kathleen Lights


9. Glossy, plump lips. 

Get out those glosses, lip oils and lip balms. The sheen, hydrated, juicy lips is giving me life!

Amanda Ensing


10. Highlight, highlight, highlight!

When will this ever fade? Never I hope. Glow to the Max and blind people with your glow.


Jaclyn Hill



What are some of your favorite trends?


Thanks for stopping by😊

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