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The 411 On Lash Lifting 

Hey Beauties!
Everything you need to know about Lash Lifting will hopefully be explained in this post.

I’ve had eye lash extensions before and honestly it is quiet high maintenance having it filled as lashes grow out or fall out. I am glad lash lifting has become popular and a more affordable, low maintenance option.


What is lash lifting?
It provides a curl to your natural lashes which lasts 4 to 6 weeks. So put your eye lash curlers aside!


What the treatment entails: 
– Tape or under eye pads is placed onto your lower lashes while you look up. This ensures that the lower lashes does not ‘interfere’ or get in the way of the upper lashes.

– You then close your eyes and the silicone pads is placed on the eyelids. The lashes are then brushed onto the silicone pads.

– The first layer of perm solution is placed onto the eyelashes only. This layer sets for 15 minutes.

– The first layer is then removed and the second layer of perm solution is applied for a further 15 minutes.

– The perm is then removed. A nourishing agent is then applied.

– It is optional and advised to do an eyelash tint as this will darken and accentuate your lashes.


The entire treatment including the eyelash tint will take about an hour to an hour and 10 minutes to complete. I was fortunate enough to receive this treatment at work (I am a beauty therapist) and I perform this treatment on clients at The Treatment Room.


I’ve had this treatment done 5 weeks ago and there is still a slight curl to my lashes. It really does make a huge difference when applying mascara in my opinion. I normally apply 3 to 4 layers of mascara but with the lash lift I apply only 2 layers to achieve my desired look. It is also recommended that mascara is not needed especially after the lash lift and tint as your lashes will be dark and prominent.


– It is safe. The products used is designed specifically for your eyelashes/ eye area.

– No eye lash curlers for 4 to 6 weeks!

– It accentuates your eyes.

– For some no mascara is needed.

– Great for busy woman on the go who does not want to spend time on their lashes.

– Perfect for woman with straight lashes with absolutely no curl or minimum curl.

– Your lashes appear longer and fuller after the treatment.

– It’s painless, you do not feel anything during the treatment. You could easily even fall asleep during the treatment.

– Unlike lash extensions the glue might cause a reaction for some people or irritate the eyes, this does not and is safe for very sensitive eyes too.

– Makeup and eye make up remover or daily cleaners can still be used as per normal.

– Great for special occasions or vacations.


– It is a treatment that needs to be performed at a professional salon. You cannot purchase a kit and do it at home by yourself.


Have you tried Lash Lifting or would consider it? What are your thoughts?


Thanks for stopping by😊

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