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Essence Lash Princess Mascara VS Catrice Lashes To Kill Mascara 

Hey Beauties!

I will be comparing two affordable mascaras and sharing my thoughts and experiences in case you in the market of searching for an affordable mascara.


First up is the Essence Lash Princess Mascara.



As per Essence:

‘Royal sister! There’s a fabulous addition to the family of Lash Princess mascaras in black (there is another Princess mascara in orange packaging as too). The special, conic shape of the fiber brush provides lashes with length and dramatic volume as well as a false-lash effect. And just like her sister, the packaging of the drama queen is decorated with a gorgeous evening dress, this time in black-mint princess deluxe!’

I heard about this mascara from Kathleen Lights as well as Instagram. It’s been comparable to high end mascaras and although it’s not waterproof, the longevity lasts. I had to put it to the test of course. The first time I opened the packaging I was hoping for a brush applicator instead of a rubber wand as I do prefer brush applicators. Thank goodness it was a brush and the bristles were a decent size too. Bristles or a brush that is too big does does go well with my short, fine lashes. I applied 2 coats to my upper lashes and let that dry for about a minute and then applied one more layer. Surprisingly this added volume and length to my lashes. When applying the 3rd layer my lashes did not clump, flake or turn 5 lashes into 1 thick lash. The wear test was about 8 hours that day and by the end of the day I only noticed a tiny bit of smudging underneath my lower lashes. However I do have watery eyes and this mascara doesn’t claim to be waterproof. It’s honestly not the worse I’ve seen my lashes compared to all the mascara I’ve tried whether it’s high end or affordable. I love that there was no flaking, intense smudging or fading at the end of the day. I wore it again for a couple of days and nothing changed, still no flaking, intense smudging or clumping. The consistency of this mascara isn’t too thin or too thick, it’s very much mousse-like which is perfect for me. I hate when a mascara is too thin as I would then have to wear it for constantly for a week or two for it to become a little more thicker before I enjoy the mascara or see the full benefits. Also if the consistency it’s too thick it clumps up my lashes after just one coat.

I purchased mine at Clicks Pharmacy for R69.95. Contains 12ml/ 0.40 fl.oz of product. Made in Luxembourg. Lasts for 6 Months.



Up next is Catrice Lashes To Kill Waterproof Mascara.


‘Thick and perfectly shaped lashes. Long lasting. Waterproof.

One for all: the temptress amongst mascaras now available as a waterproof version. Right from the very first stroke of the brush, you are left with incredibly thick and perfectly shaped lashes. For breathtaking volume, sensational length and a unique curve.’

I performed the same wear test for about 8 hours as well as a couple of days thereafter. After opening the packaging I noticed that this too was a brush applicator (yay!). The bristles was a decent size too but the consistency was a bit thinner than the Essence mascara. I applied 2 coats and let that dry for 1 minute and then upon applying a third coat I noticed flaking and tiny bits of clumping. I assumed it’s the waterproof factor which caused the clumping. At the end of the day I was horrified when I looked at the mirror and noticed smudging not only on my lower lashes but both my eyelids too. I was very confused as this claims to be waterproof but so much smudging took place and my eyes were not watering at all that day. I then decided to wear it a couple of days after that to give it a fair chance as I did with the Essence mascara. The next day I decided to only apply 2 thin coats. At the end of the day unfortunately same result, smudging and flaking which I was not impressed about. I was very disappointed as i expected so much more from this mascara and had high hopes for it.

I purchased mine at Diskem Pharmacy for R79.95. Contains 10ml/ 0.33 fl.oz. Made in Italy. Lasts for 6 Months.


So the final verdict is that I would definitely recommend The Essence Lash Princess mascara for the win, and not the Catrice Lashes to kill mascara. Even though Essence is little bit more cheaper than Catrice, I would hands down prefer the performance of Essence. There was no flaking, zero to minimal smudging, and the fact that the Essence isn’t waterproof it still lasted longer than the Catrice.



What are some of your favorite affordable Mascaras? Have you tried any of these mascaras?


Thanks for stopping by:)

3 thoughts on “Essence Lash Princess Mascara VS Catrice Lashes To Kill Mascara ”

  1. I haven’t tried these but I have been looking for a non waterproof mascara because the waterproof ones tend to make my eyes itch. Will definitely have to check out the Essence mascara! Thanks for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would definitely say non waterproof is the way to go for our ‘sensitive’ eyes. I want to try more Essence mascaras though if this worked out so well. Xx


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