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L.A. Girl Nude Eye shadow Palette Review 

Hey Beauties!

So I’ve put the L.A. Girl Nude Eyeshadow Palette to the test. At first glance this did remind me an affordable version of Urban Decay eye shadow palettes. I’m drawn to this palette as it has rose/ nude tones in particular. There are number of these palettes available including the Neons, Ultra, Smokey and Nude. I don’t own the other palettes so for today’s review will just be on the Nudes. However i would hope that the quality and pigmentation doesn’t differ from palette to palette.

The Nude palette contains 12 shades. 6 matte shades and 6 shimmers. An entire eye makeup look can be created with this one palette instead of reaching for other shades from other palettes or single shadows. When I opened the palette and felt the shadows I was surprisingly amazed at how soft these felt. Then testing out the shades on the back of my hand I became more intrigued as this did not lack pigmentation at all. In fact I dug my finger in one of the shimmer shades a little bit too hard as well and noticed how intense the shade was. I couldn’t wait to play around with it on my eyes and just like the swatches, the pigmentation was there when applying on my eyes. It’s creamy, soft, easy to blend, the matte shades perform so well and the shimmers are vibrant and intense. I sprayed my brush with some setting spray to intensify the shimmers as the intensity stood out more and I was impressed. But although being impressed, it’s the longevity that’s the ultimate test for me. Fortunately it held up and lasted the entire day, but it did fade a little bit. I would recommend that if you want these eye shadows to last especially affordable eye shadows, definitely use an eye shadow primer.


(Without flash) 

(With flash) 


I love the array of shades and layout which makes it easy to form a complete eye makeup look in minutes with minimal effort. It’s soft, romantic, but can be bold and dramatic at the same time depending on the look you aim for. So this palette is quiet versatile and creative. There are some suggestions on the L.A. girl website on how to achieve a look as well as step by step videos. It’s also suggested on the back of the palette what shades to apply and where which i thought was quiet nice.


The only thing that put me off about this is the packaging, it does look a bit cheap but considering the price it’s so affordable. And besides I’d rather pay for good quality eye shadows no matter what the packaging looks like on the outside. So next time I will definitely not judge a book by its cover as I’ve discovered the quality and pigmentation of this rocks!


I would definitely recommend this palette to all of you and it’s worth the hype. Contains 12g/ 0,42 Oz. Sold at Diskem Pharmacy for R99,95


Have you tried any of these L.A. Girl eye shadow palettes? 


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15 thoughts on “L.A. Girl Nude Eye shadow Palette Review ”

  1. This looks like it could kinda be a dupe for the maybelline blushed nudes palette too! i find their palettes to be a bit chalky so i’m really curious to try this one! great review x

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  2. LA Girl makes some decent products! I’ve had some of their metallic quads before. This looks so similar to the Urban Decay ones of course, but what HUGE savings! This reminds me a lot of the inexpensive brand Makeup Revolution – they dupe other brands! But I agree, the packaging is usually really flimsy.

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