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Ally & Beauty By Reeva Collab: Get Ready With Us 

Hey Beauties!!


I’m so excited to announce my very first YouTube Collab with the beautiful Althea from Ally and Bruzie. South African beauty Youtubers who are absolutely amazing at what they do. We will be doing more collabs as this won’t be the first and last video/ post. For today we decided to do a traditional Get Ready With Us and this setting is a lot more chilled and relaxed. We had so much fun filming this and Ally put me in ease as I super nervous as I’ve never been filmed before and the Youtube world was all new to me. She is such a pro and well done to her, and thank you so much Ally that we could work together on this collab and looking forward to the future 🙂



Please like, subscribe and comment on her wonderful channel:

Ally and Bruzie Youtube

Instagram: @allyandbruzie


Thanks for stopping by:)


4 thoughts on “Ally & Beauty By Reeva Collab: Get Ready With Us ”

  1. You did well for your first video! How cute are the 2 of you? And I finally get to hear your voice. Lovely accent – I’m sure you hear that a lot from non-South Africans, hehe! Also, you look so good with a stitch of makeup! ❤ The end result looks fab!

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