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My Winter Routine and Go-To Products ⛈❄️

Hey Beauties!

Since winter is in full swing I have a couple of suggestions as to which products and routine to switch to when the temperature takes a dip. FYI I have dry skin and during winter my skin gets even more dry than normal to a point where it flakes and becomes slightly sensitive. Therefore I tend to switch to products that are very moisturizing and hydrating not only for the face but the body too.


Firstly my routine changes during this period which is as follows:
– In the shower I exfoliate about twice a week to keep my skin feeling soft and smooth. Warmer months I exfoliate once a week or once every two weeks.

– During warmer months I honestly don’t moisturize every single time I step out the shower, but during winter I do (have to).

– I exfoliate my face about 3 times per week to decrease the flaking.

– I apply a thick body butter or foot cream on my feet every night followed by warm socks to maintain soft heels.

– I try and do a course of skin peels during winter when it’s more suggested to do so.


These are the products I switch to or incorporate into my routine: 

– In the shower I absolutely love using the Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash. The consistency is thick and creamy but still foams up while cleansing and nourishing my skin. If I don’t use this I do love any of the Nivea Pampering Shower Oil. Also very nourishing and hydrating.

– As for a body moisturizer, The Body Shop Body Butters is a must for me. At the moment I have 3 that I use on a regular basis and that are my favorite. Depending on my mood I use the Almond Milk and Honey or the Fuji Green Tea or Peach.

– For my face. Instead of using a gel or foam cleanser I switch to a cream cleanser. I still use the same Lamelle Cathepzyme Home Exfoliation System. I also rotate and use the Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant exfoliator in between which is a bit more ‘aggressive’ than the Lamelle exfoliator. At night I reach for a face oil instead of a night cream. I’m currently using the RegimA Moisture Focus + Restoring Facial Oil but I’m almost out and will be on the hunt for a new one. I still use my Eurcerin Intensive Lip Balm  for dry and extremely dry lips at night before bed. I am however wanting to incorporate a lip mask or lip oil as well. Not that the Eucerin lip balm isn’t hydrating enough but nothing wrong with added nourishment with a lip oil or lip mask for during the day especially when I’m not wearing makeup or lipstick. For foundation I’m loving the Lancome Teint Miracle Radiant Foundation, click here for full review; or The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation , click here for full review. I have done a couple of posts on hydrating, glowing foundations for dry skin in case you want to view more options for foundations for winter time. On my home page under the category “makeup” is where those posts are listed. On days where my skin is extra dry I will mix my facial oil with my foundation for a more radiant result.



Let me know what are some of your favorite winter products and regime (how many times can I type winter in this post). 


Thanks for stopping by 😊

4 thoughts on “My Winter Routine and Go-To Products ⛈❄️”

  1. Wow, I just learned something… your seasons are the same as Australia / New Zealand! I never knew!
    I definitely pile on the moisture for winter months – so important to switch my skincare with each season.

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