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My Current Hair Care Products 

Hey Beauties!


I thought I would share my current hair care routine as I feel like these products have been performing well and why I’m happy with it. FYI I do have a dry scalp and dry hair.


Brasil Cacau Shampoo and Conditioner

As I’ve mentioned before, I do Brazilian/ Keratin treatments therefore I can only use shampoos and conditioners that do not contain sulfate. These two have worked great for my hair with regards to maintaining and prolonging the treatment and also nourishing my dry hair. I did a full blog post dedicated to this shampoo and conditioner, click here to review for further details. I purchased mine at Partners Hair Design for R244 each, 300ml/ 10.1 fl.


Wella Dry Shampoo

As per the website:

Create volume and a manageable matte texture to achieve your look. Refresh your hair and absorb oil with this formula with Tapioca starch.

Shake me, spray me, style me. Apply evenly on dry hair, leave in and brush through.’

This does provide a matte texture and appearance as stated above but it does a good job of absorbing excess oils. Because my hair is very dark it does not leave a white cast on my hair once I’ve sprayed it. I know dry shampoos can be hit or miss and very personal, but this has been working for me so far and I’m half way through this bottle. Also note I do not wash my hair every single day as it is not recommend doing so as you are stripping the natural oils from your hair and I am trying to grow my hair. This is also sold at selected professional hair salons, 180ml.


Tresemme Extra Hold Hair Spray


As per Tresemme:

‘TRESemme Salon Finish Hairspray Extra Hold 100ml lets you take control of your hair with up to 24 hours of long-lasting hold. It also protects against humidity and dries in no time. Won’t flake.’

This by far is the best hair spray I’ve used and have repurchased. In my opinion Tresemme makes quality but affordable styling products that work well with hair. This hair spray does not make my hair feel crunchy, sticky or straw-like but hold my wave or curl in place for hours. This huge bottle (500ml) lasts me months as well. I purchased mine for a bit more in store than the online price which is R32.95 at Clicks Pharmacy.

Tresemme Heat Defense Spray


As per Tresemme:

‘TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray 300ml protects hair from damage caused by dryers and heat styling. Its expert formula can help hair withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees C and also helps smooth away frizz.’

I’m not too phased or picky when it comes to heat defense sprays, but because I trust that Tresseme’s styling products work so well with my hair this is probably the 4th bottle I’ve purchased and I’m almost out of my 4th bottle now. This was a recommendation by RositaApplebum a couple of years back and I love her hair care recommendations. As odd as it sounds I like to use products that I cannot really feel or weigh my hair down after application. It should absorb into the hair follicle, nourish and protect without leaving a film or residue. Purchased at Clicks Pharmacy for R79.95, 300ml.



John Freda Touch up Creme

As per John Freda:

‘John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Agent Touch-Up Creme 100ml contains avocado oil and instantly seals hair to stop frizz and leave it looking shiny and flawless. Contains UV protection to guard against sun damage.’

Another recommendation from Rosita in one of her recent hair care videos. I’ve recently been using this when I do wear my hair in a high pony tail, bun, braid or low pony. It really does do a great job of taming the frizz and flyways. I like that its UV protected and the scent is very fresh. It provides slight sheen especially after I use the dry shampoo which makes my hair look a bit matte and dull. Purchased at Clicks Pharmacy at R115.95 for 100ml.


Coconut Oil

SuperFoods Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 858ml

I forgot to add a pic of the coconut oil I’ve been using for a couple of months now. This has been my secret to growing my hair. I apply coconut oil on my scalp either a couple of hours or the night before washing my hair. Coconut oil has so many uses and advantages and it has really helped with my dry hair and scalp as well as growth. Can be purchased at any super market, pharmacy or local stores, prices vary from store to store.


What are some of your hair care favorites?


Thanks for stopping by:)








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