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The Answer To Dry Skin Featuring Lamelle 

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I’ve had dry skin practically all my life, and I’ve used conventional moisturisers ranging from cheap to expensive but the problem with having dry skin has always been an ‘issue’ especially during winter. My skin becomes very sensitive, dehydrated, sometimes flaking, lackluster and lacks nourishment. This is the first winter I can confidently say that my skin isn’t suffering as bad as it use to. Before I talk about the products and why, let me inform you about Lamelle’s theory and how the skin performs:
The protective barrier of the skin is made up of cells trapped in Lipid (oil). The function of the barrier is to protect the skin from environmental elements and to trap water in the skin. The lipid layers are made by cells in the skin. If these lipid layers is disrupted excess water will escape from the skin causing dryness, tightness, itching, rough skin. And when the barrier function is deficient external substances of the environment can penetrate into the skin leading to eczema. Atopic Dermatitis (failure of epidermal barrier) is the primary trigger in dryness and sensitivity.

With all this in mind, Lamelle then developed the Serra range which is an innovative lipid replacement therapy that mimics the structure and function of the natural lipid bi-layer, forming a healthy skin. How smart hey…

Like I explained in the beginning that I’ve tried both cheap and expensive moisturisors in the past. What conventional moisturisors do is make use of plant derived oils and waxes to create an artificial layer on the surface of the skin to prevent water escaping. Hence in the middle or end of the day it looks as if there’s a greasy film sitting on top of the skin which looks and feels like a hot mess. With Lamelle, Serra moisturisors creates lipid layered structure similar to the skin. I think it’s quiet innovative to have a brand or product that mimics the structure and functionality of the skin. This is the reason why I find Lamelle as a brand so terrific. Not only are the ingredients designed to change and correct the skin but the science and research behind it i appreciate. Having a healthy skin and correcting the skin long term is what made me fall in love with the brand. I currently have the Restore Cream, and the Cleansing Gel is on its way to my skincare routine.


The Restore Cream

Can be used twice per day. This has a thick consistency, but I can guarantee you it will not end up looking greasy or create that unwanted film on top of the skin. It provides the right hydration and utilizes patented lipid barrier technology. Ingredients such as soothing Beta Gluten and Dexpanthenol reduce slight irritation and calm uncomfortable skin.


Other products from the Serra line include Serra Cleansing Gel, Serra Soothing Cream, Serra Lipid Recovery Mask.
Lamelle can be purchased at varies salons and skincare clinics. I would advise googling your nearest Lamelle stockist. For further information on the skin and other products offered for the different skin needs, click here to visit Lamelle’s website.


Lamelle is a product of South Africa. 


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