My backpack collection 🎒

Hey Beauties!

Just wanted to share a quick post on my current backpack collection. All these bags were purchased at Mr Price excluding one of them which was a gift. I’ve been loving backpacks lately as I’ve taken lots of strain on one of my shoulders, so wearing a stylish backpack doesn’t cause further strain on the prodominant shoulder. If you not aware, Mr Price clothing, jewelry and bags changes all the time. If I spot something I like I tend to grab it there and then as next time I shop it’s gone. If I cannot find links to the backpack, it means it’s sold out or gone.
Camo Backpack


White backpack:

Nude backpack (a gift):

Mini backpack (my fav)

Are you into backpacks?
Thanks for stopping by😊

19 thoughts on “My backpack collection 🎒”

  1. I love backpacks! I have only one in pink color prints. That mini backpack from your collection is my favourite too! 💛💓💜💖👌☺☺

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