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My Current Brow Products Featuring L’Oréal

Hey Beauties!


I noticed it’s been a while since I’ve done a dedicated post on the brow products I have been using lately. This is honestly a constant change as I love trying different brow products, techniques and styles of doing my brows. It actually makes such a difference when your eye brows are on fleek and well shaped/ groomed. I go between brow powders and pencils (I am keen to try pomades next) but for now it’s quick and easy to do a pencil and then set it with gel. Here are the 2 products I use on the daily only. For special occasions or if I’m taking pictures or going out I will incorporate the brow powder, but for now I’m focusing on an easy brow routine that doesn’t take up that much time.



Lóreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert



This is sort of a triangular shape that reminds me of the Anastasia Brow Definer. The shape makes it easy for quick stokes that mimic brow hairs and fills in the eyebrows where there are sparse areas. This is very useful for precise definition. The formula is a gel consistency that turns into a powder. When I swatched this before applying it to my brows for the first time I thought I would not like this formula and be warned the swatch at first is not very good at all. Once it’s applied on the brows and as you fill in the desired areas is where the magic happens. It is not too pigmented where you brushing out and blending most of the time with the spoolie, but it’s not also too light or has enough pigment to create soft but hair like strokes.


Lóreal Brow Artist Plumper


This is a tinted brow gel that creates volume and fills in any sparse areas to set the brows. Again the pigmentation is not too much but sufficient to glide only once through each brow when applied. This does not make my brow hairs feel hard or stiff but set well and lasts throughout the day. When I don’t wear any face makeup but want to look presentable, I run this through my brows with some mascara and I’m good to go. I like that this can be used for natural makeup days as well as a full face of glam. I do prefer the tinted brow gels as this can be used both ways as mentioned, but also fills in any little gaps I haven’t filled in with the brow pencil or brow powder. The brush is a substantial size that fits on any brow shape perfectly to evenly coat the brows.


I purchased both the brow xpert and brow plumper at Foschini in store. The brow pencil is retractable selling for R159.95. I have mine in the shade Warm Brunette.

The brow plumper retails for R169.95 and contains 7ml of product. I have mine in the shade Medium/Dark. 



Dem’ Brows:



Have you tried any of these Lóreal products?


Thanks for stopping by:)

8 thoughts on “My Current Brow Products Featuring L’Oréal”

  1. You’re eyebrows are so good! Definitely tying these products! I currently use Brow Satin but I’m always open to new products! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too! X

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  2. The brow plumper is amazing!! I’ve been using it for months. I think it’s time I get hold of that brow pencil though… Thanks for the great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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