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Ciatè Chisel Eye liner Review


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Ciate London is a brand that caught my eye this year. Their packaging is the main reason that drew me in. I am also very glad that it is stocked at my local Woolworths and selected Foschini stores. Today I will be reviewing their first product I have purchased from this brand. It was honestly between this eyeliner, bronzer or their liquid lipstick, but the liner made the cut for today’s post. Their liquid lipsticks and bronzers definitely still have my interest.



Ciate Chisel Eye Liner



As per Ciate these are the claims:

WHAT IT DOES Put eyes in the spotlight with the inky black formula that delivers rich pigment for unbeatable definition. The innovative chisel tip design allows for flawless application—just use the thin edges of the liner to create eye-enhancing subtle lines or the larger flat surface for attention-grabbing, bolder flicks of rich pigment for a dramatic eye look. This eyeliner is infused with Ciaté London’s proprietary PigmentPreserve™ formula for a carbon black, smudge-proof, high gloss finish.

  • Paraben-free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten-free


I am not someone that uses liners in this form, more of a marker style. I use to love gel liners where I would dip the brush in the gel and apply. But for the past year I’ve stuck to liquid liners with a fine brush tip applicator. My favorite is the NYX liquid liner with a fine brush tip that makes it very easy to glide on and achieve a winged liner or no wing.

When I swatched the Ciate liner in store I was very intrigued with the shape and intensity of this liner although it clearly has a slanted marker type of applicator. Not to toot my own horn but I think I’ve had years of practise with winged liner and by now I have mastered the art of it no matter which applicator I’m using. With that said I was even more interested in this applicator and putting it to the test.

The claims seemed impressive. Water resistant; long wearing results; intense black inky formula; skinny defined lines or bold swooping slicks.



How to use:

Holding at 90 degrees, sweep the chisel tipped liner along the upper lash line from inner to outer corner of the eye for the perfect skinny liner. Angle the chisel tipped liner to create dramatic winged out cat eyes in an instant.


I love having the option of creating a simple, thin line for the day time or going bold with a thick wing or dramatic look for the evening all with just a twist or turning it a certain angle to control my desired look. The versatility of this product impressed me. It definitely is very intense with pigment and the consistency of the pigment lasts from the first stroke to the last stroke. I’ve heard of and seen liners that apply very intense once the first stoke is applied, but the intensity then fades by the time the other eye is ready for application or perfecting the wing. Not with this liner though, the intensity remains very black and opaque which is a win. It does not dry completely matte which I don’t mind, but it does not claim to dry matte. The finish says to be a high gloss, but on me it looked a little bit more satin. In my opinion the pigmentation and intensity lasts and stands out more if the finish of an eye liner is glossy or satin as appose to a matte finish. I noticed the intensity does wear off slightly as the day goes by with a matte finish. In terms of longevity, it definitely lasted a full working day and did not smudge or fade. As you aware I don’t test products for one day only and do reviews, I test it for a while sometimes weeks and then do my reviews. I’ve tested this liner with different eye makeup looks, with no false lashes, with false lashes, winged liner and just normal liner with no wing, thick lines, thin lines etc. and this has passed. I am happy with this liner.


I would definitely recommend this liner to all of you, especially if you into the marker style of liners and love the flexibility of different type of styles for liquid liner to be achieved with this one product. Its innovative, the packaging is eye catching and this brand is doing very well thus far, go Charlotte! (Founder of Ciate).


Contains 1ml/ 0.03 fl. Oz. I purchased mine at Woolworths in store.



What are some of your favorite picks from Ciate?


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