My Current Favorite Heels 👠

Hey Beauties!

I thought I’d share my top heels that I currently own. I’ve had some for so many years and some I haven’t had too long. I must admit I use to wear quiet often when I was younger and sort of fell off the wagon and wore flats for a while. But now I’m back to loving heels. I don’t often purposely shop for heels to be honest, it’s always been on whim or if I know I need it for a specific occasion or look. Therefore I don’t own that many compared to the average women, and I don’t wear heels every day too.

They all from varies stores including Shoe Connection Shoe City Mr PriceLevi’s

Unfortunately hunting an exact same pair right now might be hard to find as these were purchased throughout the years and some of them I don’t even remember where I got them from 😬 But I thought I’d share my favs as there are many dupes for a simple pair of heels.

First up, I wore these for my 21st! Ahhh memories 😊

Absolutely love these heels, besides the pair I wore for my 21st, I really love these from the black heels:The only brown pair I own

Grey tones:

The Nudes:

Wedges (although I’m not really into wedges, hence the only 2 pairs I own)


Thanks for stopping by😊

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