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Wet ń Wild MegaGlo Queen Of Heart Highlighter Review

Hey Beauties!

This is my first Wet n Wild highlighter since their highlighters have blown up recently. I unfortunately could not get my hands on the infamous other mega glow highlighters as it was all sold out but when I saw only 4 of these left in this shade at my local pharmacy I literally grabbed it. This is part of the limited edition Queen Of My Heart Collection. The products in this collection are the limited edition 2 MegaGlo highlighting powders, Kabuki Brush (which I should have grabbed too as there was only one left), Color icon Eyeshadow Trio, MegaGlo Cheek and Lip Tint, and the Lip Gloss Palette.


Without flash:

With flash:


Packaging and formula:

I’ve been into the pink toned highlighters lately and I immediately knew I would enjoy this. The packaging isn’t expensive looking or eye catching but it’s the inside and formula which is what I was mostly interested in. I firstly swatched this on my hand to test the formula before applying it to my cheekbones. It swatched beautifully and felt very smooth I must admit. I honestly expected it to feel chalky and dull, but with one swipe on my hand the pigmentation was on point. It was intense, bright and outstanding. Impressive hey…


Without flash:

With flash:


On the skin:

I used a highlighter brush from a brand I cannot remember and usually I go to town with swipes and swirls in the product before applying it onto the skin. I purposely wanted to see how many swipes I would need to achieve opaque intensity, and shockingly I only dipped my brush into the product with 3 and a half swipes and applied it to my skin. This is the intensity I achieved and oh my goodness you need shades for this…

I must add that this is not a highlighter with a subtle glow or lit from within appearance. This is definitely bam, in your face, see me from space kind of glow especially the more you apply and pack it on.


Without flash:

With flash:

Shine bright like a diamond!!


As per the website:

With the same formula as our must-have Mega Glo Highlighting Powder, this dual toned powder adds a pop of dimension when used together. The silky smooth, highly-pigmented formula gives an all over glow when applied to the cheek bones, brow bone, and cupid’s bow.

I am quiet impressed with Wet n Wild as they definitely stepping up their game especially with these limited edition collections. The recent I’ve seen is also the Mermaid collection which is also super cool.


This contains 0.19 OZ/ 5.4 g. I purchased mine at Clicks Pharmacy for only R99,95! In store only, not online.



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11 thoughts on “Wet ń Wild MegaGlo Queen Of Heart Highlighter Review”

  1. Wow! I purchased 2 of these because I know how limited edition it is. I’m saving the one for an upcoming giveaway on my blog. It looks SO stunning on u! Cant wait to wear mine. I literally cannot get myself to use it because of how pretty the little heart is

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been trying to get the precious petals for so long!! It’s always sold out 😧 but hopefully we’ll get it soon cause the formula of these highlighters is so good 👍🏼 thanks for your input and follow 😊☺️


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