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Avène Products Review

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I would like to thank Avene South Africa, Cherize and her team for kindly sending me these products. I’m really appreciative when brands send me goodies to try and I’m always open to trying all different kinds of products. I’ll go into some details about the brand Avene and then the products that were sent to me. Keep in mind even though these were sent to me, these are my honest opinions.

Avene is a French brand started in 1736 when Marquis de Rocozel’s horse was healed in the water. This is how the spring water theory was discovered and started. Created for sensitive skins to soothe, contains anti-irritating properties. The Avene Spring Water is included in all their products as well as innovative formulas.

 The Star of the show, Avene Thermal Spring Water Spritz/ Spray


This can be used for a number of reasons including facial redness, skin irritation sunburn, nappy/ diaper rash, following makeup removal, following shaving, following exercising, following hair removal, during travel or sport to cool oneself.

The spritz is very fine and very cooling. I had a little rash on my neck recently (no not a hickey) and I used this every morning and night to soothe the irritation and this definitely helped. Also I pop this in my handbag to spritz throughout the day as a makeup refresher especially on a hot day and it feels very refreshing and cooling.

This is the small size and contains 50 ml. It also comes in two other sizes containing 150 ml for R149.95 or 300 ml for R199.95


Ystheal Anti-wrinkle Emulsion

This is by far my favorite product from avene as i noticed how radiant my skin has appeared since using this. Anything that provides radiance and anti-aging is a winner in my book. The purpose of this is provide radiance, prevent and correct all signs of skin aging mainly caused by UV rays, wrinkles, fine lines, loss of elasticity and skin tone.

The consistency feels and looks moisturizing but thin and lightweight. It’s geared towards normal to combination skin types.


A benchmark anti-aging active ingredient, with clinical anti-wrinkle efficacy proven under dermatological control, boosts cellular activity in the skin.

Potentiates the efficacy of Retinaldehyde for reinforced anti-wrinkle action and protects the skin’s elastins, restoring tone and fullness to the skin.

A powerful anti-oxidizing agent, forms a protective shield against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Soothing and anti-irritating, comforts your skin instantly.

Wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is replumped, and the complexion is radiant.

*3 patents pending

This contains 30 ml of product with an airless pump, one standard size which retails for R329.95

Because this contains Retaldehyde this product is to be used at night after cleansing.


Ystheal Eye and Lip Contour


I have fine lines under my eyes as well as smile lines. Nothing will demolish or completely erase those lines, but products especially this one that minimises the appearance of it I’m here for. I have two of the sample sizes which contains 2 ml’s of product in each small tube which has lasted as only a tiny amount is used. I haven’t noticed a major difference with this and performs pretty much the same as any average eye cream I’ve tried. It is very moisturizing and hydrating though and works great with concealer and eye shadows applied on top.

I use this morning and night after cleansing around my eye area as well as on my smile lines. This comes in one standard size of 15 ml with an airless pump and retails for R349.95


Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Skin Tone Perfector


This reminds me of a light coverage Tinted moisturizer. It does not provide coverage or conceals any imperfections but it provides a soft tinted, radiant, hydrating appearance that contains an SPF of 30. It does not leave my skin feeling greasy, oily or a white cast like a lot of products with SPF causes. Although it has a tint it does not alter my skin tone and absorbs into my skin quiet well leaving my natural complexion.

The combination of 2 actives, Meibosérine and Lipomucine® to ensure even diffusion of Avène Thermal Spring Water in the skin and to prevent its evaporation.

The SPF 30 photoprotection that shields the skin from the harmful effects of UV exposure.

The combination of mineral pigments and illuminating pearlescent pigments that instantly correct skin tone imperfections.

This is the full standard size of 40 ml and retails for R199.95


SPF 50+ Fragrance Free Emulsion

An SPF that does not leave my skin feeling greasy, no white cast and does not have that awful scent is such a relief. I honestly hate applying SPF for the above reasons, but this makes applying SPF so wonderful. I have the sample sizes and seeing that summer is around the corner I will definitely pick up the full size of this. They offer a kiddies version too which is in a spray form as this is more convenient.


Dry-feel. Very high sun protection for sensitive normal to combination skin on the face. Water-resistant. No white marks Broad-spectrum UVA-UVB protection. Photosable Silicone-free. Paraben-free

Complex of photoprotective actives guarantee optimal broad spectrum long and short UVA-UVB protection. Contains a powerful antioxidant. Light, mattifying texture: Dry-feel.

Contains 50 ml pump tube and retails for R229.95


Cleansing Foam

This is used to remove makeup and regulate excess oils. I however use this in the mornings to cleanse my skin as I have a night time cleanser after removing my makeup. It performs like a standard cleanser and nothing out the ordinary. This was my least favorite product from the line but it’s not because it didn’t work, it’s just standard or average in my opinion. I could live without it or carry on with my other cleansers once I’m complete with this.


Cleansing foam for face and eyes specifically formulated for normal to combination, sensitive skin. The gentle soap-free cleanser helps regulate excess oil and removes make-up leaving skin perfectly matte. Paraben-free.


Patented Glutamic acid helps regulate excess sebum production. Proven to immediately reduce lipids (fats and oils) on the skin by 54% after a single application. Soothes and softens with Avène Thermal Spring Water. For face and eyes.


I have the 50 ml size. It does come in 150 ml pump bottle and retails for R229.95


I’m so glad I was introduced to this brand and found some keepers. That night cream is wonderful and definitely my favorite, I would definitely repurchase this as well as the SPF 50 for summer coming up and I want to give the full size Eye and lip Contour a try to achieve more results. I had a look on their website and their face mask also intrigued me as well as one or two other products from this brand. Future reviews on more items coming up once I explore some more! Thank you once again to Avene for the lovely package.


Avene products can be purchased at any Clicks Pharmacy or Dischem Pharmacy.




Have you tried any Avene products? What are some of your favorites from this brand?




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